The 30 Best Costco Frozen Foods To Buy For 2023


Best Frozen Foods At Costco 2023 List

There is no denying that Costco has a lot of frozen food options. Costco has a lot of frozen food options, like appetizers, smoothies, veggies, fruits, side dishes, and even full meals. We all have our personal favorites from Costco’s frozen food aisle, so here is our list of our top 2023 frozen foods from Costco.  

Many of the options rotate often or are seasonal, while some have secured a year-round spot in Costco’s lineup. Here is our list of our favorite Costco frozen food options for 2023. 


Easy at-home fish and chips? Yes, please! The cod is excellent, and the beer batter is flavorful. They come out super golden brown in the air fryer and can also make for some tasty fish tacos. 

The Beer Battered Cod has been in Costco’s frozen food lineup for many years, and they are well deserving of a spot on our list. The 2.5-pound box of Beer Battered Cod sells for $17.99.


The Clovis Farms frozen smoothie packs are an excellent starter for a DIY smoothie. The 8-ounce pack contains frozen blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, bananas, kale, and spinach.  

Easily create, flavor, and customize your perfect smoothie! The 6-packet bag costs $12.49.


The Costco Italian Meatballs come in at #28 on our list. These ultra-versatile meatballs are full of flavor and make fantastic appetizers or even go great as an entrée. 

The jumbo 6-pound, 140 meatball bag sells for $19.99 or just $3.33 per pound.

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Pura Vida’s Brussel sprouts with bacon will have you wanting to eat your vegetables. The Brussels sprouts are covered with bacon bits and are super convenient to make. 

A 2.5-pound 4-pouch bag full of Brussels sprouts goodness can be had for just $12.79.


Sweet and savory breaded shrimp, what else can you ask for? Oh, how about some sweet chili Thai dipping sauce! Costco coconut shrimp makes for a delicious snack or even a meal, and they cost just $16 for a 2-pound box. 

Just be careful, these may not have the healthiest nutritional profile.


I never would have guessed a potato and pea fried pastry would be so good, but here they are at #25 on our list of best Costco frozen foods. 

The samosas are flavorful and crispy, but the star of the show will be the cilantro chutney. I would buy just the cilantro chutney if I could. Get 16 Samosas for $14.99 or $11.49 when they are on sale.


Chicken strips are an all-time classic, and these Tyson chicken strips definitely live up to their crispy name. 

They are excellent in the air fryer and go great with various dipping sauces. A 3-pound bag sells for $13.99 at Costco.

Ajinomoto Tokyo Shoyu Ramen Costco scaled

This one caused some controversy with the Costco Food Database team, but the deliciousness cannot be denied. The ingredients are a little non-traditional, but the heaping amounts of chicken make this shoyu ramen an extreme Costco value. 

You can purchase 6 bowls of frozen shoyu ramen for just $14.99 or just $2.50 a bowl.

Ajinomoto Tokyo Shoyu Ramen Costco Egg scaled

Milton’s Roasted Vegetable Cauliflower Crust Pizza takes the number 22 spot on our Costco frozen foods list. Milton’s frozen pizza has a thin & crispy cauliflower crust and is gluten-free. 

Packed with delicious vegetables, this pizza is light, tasty, and filling and makes for a super easy dinner. A 2 pack of Milton’s cauliflower crust pizzas costs $13.99.


Hard to imagine that one of the more expensive frozen food items at Costco, coming in at $42.99, might actually be a Costco value buy. 

The hefty price tag gets you high-quality claw and knuckle lobster meat, 4 brioche rolls, and some uber tasty lobster butter. Pricey but worth it!

Costco Sweet Potato Fries Tropicland scaled

I’m not the biggest fan of sweet potatoes, but the sweet potato fries don’t disappoint. I wish Costco had regular frozen french fries instead, but I have no complaints about these. They are healthy, super flavorful, and satisfy my french fry cravings. 

The sweet potato fries are fantastic in the air fryer and cost only $10.99 for a four-pound bag.

Hot Costco sweet Potato Fries scaled

Is Korean Fried Chicken the best type of fried chicken? Maybe, maybe not, but the Korean Style Crunchy Chicken from Bibigo is a winner. Super crispy breaded chicken in a gochujang-style sauce. An excellent addition to Costco’s frozen food lineup and I hope to see it there for years to come. 

Pick up a 56-ounce box for $14.49. (Also may be available in soy garlic flavor) 

Costco Chicken Sandwich La Boulangerie scaled

La Boulangerie brings their gourmet spicy chicken sandwich to the great chicken sandwich wars. While the chicken sandwich is on the smaller side, it is high quality and quite delicious. The chicken sandwich is lacking in heat, but easily customizable. 

6 Spicy Chicken Sandwiches sell for $12.99

Cooked Costco Spicy Chicken Sandwich scaled

All the flavor and taste of pork sausages with 75% less fat? Not quite, but they are still really darn good. Jones’ chicken sausages are high protein, low carb, and very easy to eat. 

A 3-pound bag costs $14.99, and don’t say I didn’t warn you; you will go through this bag quickly! 

Kirkland Signature Pepperoni Pizza Frozen Costco scaled

It’s simple yet elegant. The Kirkland Signature frozen pepperoni pizza puts all other frozen pizzas in this price range to shame. The thin crust is actually tasty, and the pepperoni is high quality. 

A 4-pack of Kirkland Signature Pepperoni Pizza sells for $13.49. 

Need cooking instructions for the pizza? Check our guide on Costco pizza cooking instructions

Frozen Pepperoni Pizza Kirkland Signature scaled

The Costco acai bowls didn’t wow me immediately, but I really started to dig them when I ate the last few bowls. There is something about the acai puree that pairs so well with the frozen berries. 

You can also spruce the bowls up with additional fruit. They are a great deal at $11.59 for 6 bowls or $7.99 when on sale.

Costco Grass Fed Hamburger Patty Kirkland Signature scaled

Easily the best frozen burger at Costco, and I would even argue that it is the best frozen burger around. The grass-fed burgers have a distinct smell and taste that elevate these ⅓ pound 80/20 burgers above the rest. 

You can’t go wrong with this 5-pound bag for only 24.99.

Costco Hamburgers with Cheese scaled

Everything’s better with everything seasoning, and cod is no exception. The cod is moist, flakey, and tasty, and I have no complaints. 

One of the more unique frozen food options at Costco. Buy a 2.5-pound box for $17.89. They are worth it!


The butterflied shrimp with crispy panko breading are perfect for the air fryer. Yes, they are essentially shrimp nuggets with a fancy tail handle, but they are delicious and fun to eat. 

The 2.5-pound box of panko breaded shrimp sells for $19.99, and I consider them to be one of the more overlooked options at Costco.

20220630 125532

Boba Ice Cream? Who can say no? I-MEI’s boba brown sugar bars have the best of both worlds and are sweet but not overly sweet. There are plenty of boba balls hidden throughout the popsicle, and each one makes for a nice chewy surprise. 

This is a great ice cream bar that will leave you wanting more. They are another great Costco value coming in at $13.99 or $1.17 a bar.


There isn’t a lot to complain about with Bibigo’s Steamed Dumplings. Bibigo lightly wraps them and stuffs them full of chicken and vegetables. The dumplings come with a crazy good sauce that can be poured right onto the dumplings. 

A box of 36 dumplings costs $12.49, and they are worth stocking up on when they go on sale.


I usually prefer to make my own chicken wings, but there is something about these Foster Farms Take Out Crispy Chicken Wings that just hit the spot. They are fried to perfection before being frozen and come out super crispy from the air fryer. 

The 4-Pound of frozen chicken wings sells $17.99 bag and has everything you need to recreate takeout chicken wings at home, including sauce! 


Red’s Egg’wich is my favorite frozen breakfast sandwich option from Costco. It’s healthy, delicious, and low-carb (3 grams). The breakfast sandwich includes turkey sausage, cheese, and egg patties for buns. 

The Egg’wich is easy to cook and easy to eat and makes for a fantastic breakfast sandwich. A box of 8 sells for $13.99.


I love meat pizzas, and I love Motor City Pizza Co’s Detroit Style Ultimate Meat Pizza. It’s savory, salty, and topped with loads of pepperoni, sausage, and bacon. There is so much meat that it literally falls off the pizza and cooks into the crust. 

It may not be healthy for you, but damn, it is good. Hands down, the tastiest and most filling of Costco’s frozen pizzas.   

20220408 210448

Light, fluffy, and crispy are words I would use to describe the Kirkland Signature Tempura Shrimp. A 30-pack of these hand-battered shrimp sells for $17.99, and they are one of Costco’s fanciest frozen food options. They have the look and back it up with great flavor. 

Grab a box for your next party or gathering, or heck, even for yourself if you just want some delicious tempura shrimp.


The Just Bare Chicken Sandwich Filets, aka the big brother of the Just Bare Chunks, take up the #5 spot on our list of best Costco frozen foods. 

The Just Bare Fillets take the same high quality chicken and light and crispy breading from the Just Bare Chunks and bring it to chicken sandwich fillet form. A 3-pound bag sells for $16.99.

Kirkland Signature Super Premium Vanilla Ice Cream Costco

Yes, Vanilla Ice Cream is this high on our best frozen foods from Costco list, but this isn’t no ordinary ice cream. Kirkland Signature’s Vanilla ice cream falls into the “Super Premium” quality category because of its low overrun and high fat content. 

The Kirkland Signature Vanilla ice cream is delicious and a top tier ice cream at a fantastic Costco price. 2-Half Gallon Tubs sell for $14.99

Kirkland Signature Vanilla Ice Cream scaled

3. Lasagna - Kirkland Signature


No list is complete without Costco Kirkland Signature Lasagna. Both of Costco’s lasagna options are great, but I prefer the Italian Sausage and Beef options just because Costco sells it in manageable 1.5 pound portions. 

The lasagna has whole milk mozzarella and whole milk ricotta cheeses with ground beef and Italian sausage. The Kirkland Signature Italian Sausage and Beef Lasagna sells for $16.99.

20221113 204319

One of the best frozen foods at Costco and, dare I say, one of the best items in all of Costco. I would even say that it’s surprising that it’s not #1 on this list. The Chick-Fil-A copycat Just Bare Nuggets are made with full chicken pieces and are super crispy. They have been the talk of the town and one of the most popular Costco items again this year. 

They are crispy, flavorful, and all-around delicious. Pick up a 4-pound bag for $17.99.

High Liner Tortilla Crusted Tilapia Costco scaled

This may be one of the most overlooked items at Costco and is one of our absolute favorites here at CFDB. High Liner Tortilla Crusted Tilapia is a unique, tasty, and healthy option that checks off all the boxes. It’s easy to make, packed with flavor, and is guilt-free frozen food. 

If you haven’t tried these yet, pick up a 2-pound box for $15.49. They are amazing.

Costco Tilapia scaled

Did We Get It RIght?

Let us know in the comments what you think about our ranking list. Did we miss any of Costco’s finest frozen foods? Do you disagree with our rankings? 

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