Organic Mt Comfort Peru Coffee Whole Bean, 2.5 lbs

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1 review for Organic Mt Comfort Peru Coffee Whole Bean, 2.5 lbs

  1. RILEY G

    It’s an amazingly smooth, balanced, and perfect-bodied coffee for that morning cuppa. It’s honestly one that I picked up at Costco and continued to purchase until of course no longer was Costco selling it. I searched high and low, finally found it on, go figure but also Amazon is selling it now too. It is also my favorite one from the other Mt. Comfort’s, the Costa Rica is also a runner up, but this Peruvian one is one I really enjoy anytime. When it’s at Costco it’s a damn steal. Not only is it quality coffee, it’s an organic, single-origin, small farm bean. Support not only small businesses but small farms, that also farm organically. With Costco’s price, there isn’t any other coffee that can beat it per cup with all those qualities. It’s chocolatey and nutty. Love it. Ignore anyone who says anything different, their palette either sucks, or they have bad taste.

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