Kirkland Breakfast Sandwich Nutrition Facts and More

Kirkland Breakfast Sandwich Nutrition Facts and More

Kirkland Breakfast Sandwich packaging.

How many calories are in a Kirkland Breakfast Sandwich?

One Kirkland Breakfast Sandwich has 390 calories. This is a bit less than Starbucks’ Bacon Egg and Cheese sandwich which is about 500 calories.

Kirkland Breakfast Sandwich nutrition facts.
Kirkland Breakfast Sandwich Nutrition Facts

Starbucks’ sandwich weighs in at about 4.20 ounces from what I’ve seen in the past, while the Kirkland sandwich weighs about 4.82. I found the Kirkland sandwich to be plenty filling, and when prepared properly, I could tell no difference between this and something like a Starbucks sandwich.

How long to cook a Costco Breakfast Sandwich?

I cooked the breakfast sandwich three different ways, air fryer, microwave, and toaster oven. I found the toaster oven to give the best result but it also took the longest. The air fryer produced a similar result but in much less time. The microwave was the quickest but also the most disappointing.

Kirkland Breakfast Sandwich instructions

The instructions called for preheating the air fryer to 350 F and then cooking for 4 to 6 minutes. I found this accurate. Cooking for closer to 6 minutes produced a nice light crispy result for me.

For microwaving, the instructions said to cook for 75 seconds. This got the sandwich very hot but not crispy at all. The biscuit was moist to the touch and did not have any crunch to it. I would not recommend this method unless you are in a time crunch.

My preferred method was using the toaster oven. I would preheat the toaster oven to 350 F just like the air fryer, and then let it cook for around 15 minutes. While this method took the longest, it also made the sandwich to my preferred crispness.

How does the Kirkland Breakfast Sandwich Taste?

I enjoyed the biscuit-like bread they used. It was very crispy and light when prepared in the toaster oven or air fryer. The egg was a little bland, but adding some salt could help. The cheese and the bacon were very good. I think the sandwich could’ve used a higher quality and thicker cut of bacon but it certainly did the job for me. Sometimes I found the bread to be too dry or airy, and the ratio of bread to ingredients felt off. But overall, it was a pleasant meal to look forward to in the morning.

Compared to the Starbucks sandwich, I thought it was very close. I found the Starbucks egg and bacon to have more flavor. The Kirkland sandwich had better bread in my opinion. I liked the extra crispness of the biscuit they used. Overall the Starbucks sandwich still wins because of the higher quality ingredients, but the Kirkland sandwich gives it a run for its money for sure.

Is the Kirkland Breakfast Sandwich a good deal?

At $15.99 for 8 sandwiches, each sandwich is about 2 dollars before tax. I think this makes them an alright deal, but not a steal by any means. I’ve seen others find them on sale for closer to $12.99 which would make it a necessary pick-up for me.


Even at $15.99, they are a lot cheaper than a Starbucks sandwich, and they are one of the best frozen breakfast sandwiches I’ve ever had. There are competitors for much cheaper in the same aisle, however. The Grace Gourmet Bacon Gouda Egg Sandwich can be found for $12.99, although it doesn’t taste as good.

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