Costco Breakfast Sandwich Starbucks Clone - Bacon Gouda Egg

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Grace Gourmet Bacon Gouda & Egg Sandwich at Costco

Costco sells Grace Gourmet’s Bacon Gouda & Egg Breakfast Sandwich for $12.99. Each box contains 8 sandwiches that include soft ciabatta rolls, cage-free eggs, gouda cheese, and bacon. 

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The sandwiches can be found in your local Costco’s frozen food aisles with the breakfast options such as breakfast sausages or other breakfast sandwiches like Red’s Keto Breakfast Sandwich and the Jimmy Dean Croissan’wich

Another interesting Starbucks clone option is their Egg Bites

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Grace Gourmet's Purpose

Grace Gourmet focuses on not just providing good eats, but also on doing good deeds. Grace Gourmet is a small company that wants to make a big impact on the lives of women. 

A majority of their profit supports organizations that address issues from human trafficking and domestic abuse to female entrepreneurship and education.

Grace Gourmet Breakfast Sandwich vs Starbucks

This review has been heavily requested as many Costco members consider this to be a clone of Starbucks’ own Bacon, Gouda, Egg sandwich. 

Costco Bacon Gouda Egg Sandwich scaled

In this review, I’ll go in depth on Grace Gourmet’s version of the sandwich and even compare it to Starbucks’ version.

Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Sandwich Costco Cost Comparison

Costco Cost Analysis of Bacon Gouda Egg Sandwich

Each Grace Gourmet Bacon, Gouda, & Egg sandwich costs $1.62 at Costco and weighs 3.7 ounces. 

Starbucks’ version of the sandwich costs $4.45 and weighs 4.2 ounces. 

Bacon Gouda Egg Sandwich Grace Gourmet Weight scaled

Same Size - Big Savings

Grace Gourmet’s breakfast sandwich is going to be roughly 35% of the cost of Starbucks while weighing at worst half an ounce less. 

The one sandwich I did weigh, weighed 4.25 ounces which is the same as Starbucks’ breakfast sandwich.

Costco Breakfast Sandwich - First Impressions

Grace Gourmet Bacon Gouda Egg Sandwich at Costco scaled
Frozen Grace Gourmet Sandwich

At first glance, the sandwich looks good, but unlikely to surpass or even come close to Starbucks’ version.

Does the Starbucks Copycat Sandwich have Potential?

The frozen ciabatta bun looks ok. From the looks of it, the bun seems like a wildcard to me.

The dough seems to have the potential to either be soft and fluffy or hard as a rock. 

Individual Components of Grace Gourmet SAndwich scaled

I have a feeling if cooked perfectly, the bread has a lot of potential to taste extremely good, but if overcooked the bun will harden up very quickly. 

Average Ingredients

The egg is a perfectly blended yellow and about 2 inches in diameter. 

The cheese fits the sandwich well, but I would prefer it to be just a touch thicker.

The bacon is going to be the lowest quality ingredient of the sandwich. The thinness reminds me of a fast-food value menu bacon. It’s considerably less thick than a typical bacon slice you can purchase from Costco.

Bacon Gouda Egg Sandwich Grace Gourmet Weight scaled

My particular sandwich weighed 4.25oz which is about half an ounce heavier than advertised. Very nice!

Weight Breakdown
Bacon – 0.2 ounces
Cheese – 0.45 ounces
Egg – 1.55 ounces
Ciabatta Roll – 2 ounces. 

Where Is The Bacon?

The 0.2 ounces of bacon is the most disappointing part of the sandwich. At Costco bacon sells for about $4.25 per pound. Each ounce of Costco bacon costs $0.26.

Pennies Worth of Bacon

This sandwich provides one-fifth of an ounce of bacon which breaks down to about $0.05 worth. And that is if we are taking the Costco retail price for bacon. 

Grace Gourmet’s bacon is clearly lower quality and will be at a wholesale price. I wouldn’t be surprised if this bacon cost Grace Gourmet $0.03 or most likely even less.

Another Starbucks’ double breakfast item available at Costco is going to be Three Bridges Egg Bites. 

Bacon Gouda Egg Sandwich Taste Test

For this review, I opted for both the microwave and air fryer methods of heating. 

Grace Gourmet Microwaved Sandwich scaled
Microwaved Breakfast Sandwich

I usually will avoid microwaving any of Costco’s frozen foods, but I am curious to see how the bread comes out with both heating methods.

Differences Between Microwaving and Air Frying the Breakfast Sandwich

The major difference between the microwaved sandwich and the air fried version is the bread. The bread came out crispy and crunchy in the air fryer while soft and doughy in the microwave.

Ciabatta bread is supposed to be crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside, but neither heating option was able to achieve that. The air fried bun was crispy all the way through, and the microwaved bun was soft. 

Great Gouda

My favorite part of the Grace Gourmet sandwich was the gouda. The gouda was very flavorful and brought a distinct flavor profile to the breakfast sandwich. 

Most other frozen breakfast sandwiches will have the same old mundane American or cheddar cheese, so the gouda was a nice touch.

Costco Bacon Gouda Egg Sandwich Grace Gourmet scaled
Air Fried Sandwich

The bacon made a minimal impact on this sandwich. You get a hint of bacon, but the sandwich definitely could have used more bacon flavor. 

The egg was also just ok. I thought it tasted heavily processed and even a little rubbery. It was what I expected with a frozen egg.

Overall, I wouldn’t mind having this sandwich with a cup of coffee in the morning. The sandwich was not great, but good enough. 

SAndwich Comparison - Starbucks vs Grace Gourmet

The reason these have so much hype is because Starbucks also sells a bacon, gouda, and egg breakfast sandwich. 

Starbucks vs Costco Breakfast Sandwich Grace Gourmet scaled

Starbucks sells their sandwich $4.45, so if Grace Gourmet’s $1.62 breakfast sandwich is close in taste and texture, then there is some significant value to be had here. 

Bacon Gouda Egg Sandwich Grace Gourmet vs Starbucks scaled
Just based on looks, can you tell which is the Starbucks sandwich?

It may be hard to tell from an overhead view, but the Starbucks sandwich is the one on the top of each photo. 

The Grace Gourmet sandwiches look very similar and actually look in comparison better than I thought they would.

Bacon Gouda Egg Sandwich Costco scaled
Air Fried Grace Gourmet Breakfast Sandwich

Starbucks (left) and Grace Gourmet (right).

Costco Breakfast sandwich vs Starbucks scaled
Starbucks vs Microwaved Grace Gourmet

Very Similiar Sandwiches

Based on size, they are roughly the same. Starbucks’ sandwich weighs 4.2 ounces while Grace Gourmet’s weighs 4.25 ounces.

Bacon Gouda Egg Sandwich Grace Gourmet Weight scaled
Starbucks Bacon Gouda Egg Sandwich Weight scaled

Who Makes the Better Bacon Gouda Egg Breakfast Sandwich? Starbucks or Grace Gourmet?

For taste, I much preferred Starbucks’ sandwich all around. 

The bacon was more present and noticeable in the sandwich, the gouda had a much stronger flavor, and the egg had a much creamier texture.

My wife, who is a huge Starbucks fan and partial owner of the company, actually preferred the Costco breakfast sandwich. She was drawn to the crunchiness of the bread and enjoyed it much more. 

There is a lot of value to be had with Grace Gourmet’s bacon, gouda, & egg sandwich. Starbucks’ version is 3 times the cost, but not 3 times better tasting.

Grace Gourmet Bacon Gouda Heating/Cooking Instructions

Before we get into the heating directions, I need to mention my biggest complaint with these breakfast sandwiches. 

When I think of breakfast food, I need convenience. I want a sandwich that is ready in 5 minutes or less, with as little effort as possible.  

Each Cooking Method Has More Than 1 Step

These do have a microwave option that only takes a few minutes, but it does involve separating the sandwich and then reassembling for the final heating stage. 

The air fryer option also requires heating the egg first and then adding the rest of the sandwich. I don’t want to have to keep track of all these things, when I’m in a hurry in the morning.

Grace Gourmet Bacon Gouda Egga Sandwich Heating Instructions scaled

How to Heat the Bacon Gouda Egg Sandwich (Full Cooking Instructions)

Grace Gourmet lists two options, microwaving or air frying, for heating their breakfast sandwich.

They do recommend thawing the sandwich overnight in the refrigerator for optimal results. 

Microwave Cooking Instructions

From thawed: Heat for 45 seconds on high.
From frozen: Heat egg, bacon, and cheese for 45-50 seconds. Add bun and heat for an additional 30 seconds. 

Air Fryer Heating Instructions

From thawed: Heat at 350° F. Heat egg for 6 minutes. Add bun, bacon and cheese and heat for an additional 4 minutes.
From frozen: Heat at 350° F. Heat egg for 9 minutes, add bacon, cheese, and bun, and heat for an additional 5 minutes.

Grace Gourmet Breakfast Sandwich Nutritional Infomration

Grace Gourmet Nutritional Information scaled

How many Calories in the Grace Gourmet Bacon Gouda Egg Sandwich?

Each Grace Gourmet Bacon Gouda & Egg Sandwich contains 290 calories with 13 grams of fat, 26 grams of carbohydrates, and 15 grams of protein. 

This is pretty close to what I expected to see on a nutritional label for a food like this. 

Solid Nutritional Profile

There is an acceptable amount of fat at 13g, that will help keep you full until your next meal, and there is also a very solid amount of protein at 15g. 

The egg, bacon, and cheese, will all contribute some protein to this sandwich, but I am surprised that there are 15 total grams.

Heavy in Sodium

The main negative is going to be the sodium content. This sandwich contains 620 mg of sodium, which is 27% of your recommended daily value. 

This is more than you would like to see, but pretty typical for frozen foods from Costco.

Final Thoughts

This is a solid frozen breakfast sandwich. If you enjoy Starbucks’ version, then you may also enjoy these at one third of the cost. 

They can be a pain to heat in the morning, but will fill you up and keep you full. They may not be the best of Costco’s frozen breakfast foods, but a decent sandwich nonetheless.

Originally posted March 17th, 2022

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 5/5 (8)

I shop for our 94 yr old friend who loves these sandwiches. Been to Costco and told they no longer carry these. He’s so disappointed. If you know where else I can get them, please let me know Email: [email protected]
WHY can’t I get these anymore at my Costco in Rockwall, Texas???
Very disappointed, that my local Costco store within 15 miles have stopped carrying this product--Grace Gourmet Gouda Bacon & Egg Sandwiches.

I have tried the Starbuck Egg bites, they are OK, very small and expensive in comparison to the Grace Gourmet sandwiches.
These are wonderful sandwiches but not I can’t find them. Where are they?
This is my absolute favorite breakfast sandwich. But now I can't find it anymore!
glad to have found these
Best breakfast sandwich ever.
Why are you not carrying it for past 6 months in Frisco Texas. Bring it back please! We love this item.
Would love for the store in Mobile,AL to get them back.

13 thoughts on “Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet”

  1. I bought these after all of the hype. (And because the Costco in my Florida area has not had the Jimmy Dean sandwiches for over a year.) The taste was not horrible. And they were just filling enough for a breakfast. However, from a box of 8, 3 of them did not have cheese. Just bacon and egg. Not sure how they can be made, and individually wrapped in plastic, and yet missing one key part of the sandwich.

    1. Don, sorry to hear about the lack of cheese in the sandwiches. I’m usually against returning food items at Costco, but in this case, it’s definitely warranted.

  2. Wow. I really like the cause that this product represents.

    I wish I could write that this particular sandwich passes the taste test.

    In my opinion, it doesn’t.
    Entirely too salty. This throws the taste off.
    The bun is no great shakes either; flavorless and limp.
    The “bacon” has very little flavor; it is also see through with a rancid fatty after taste.

    I write this as a big fan of breakfast sandwiches.
    This product is a no-go.

  3. Hello,

    I just wanted to say thank you for posting such an incisive and thorough review on this breakfast sandwich. I saw them at Costco and threw them in my cart without looking at the heating instructions. That is the one negative about these sandwiches. Otherwise the taste to me is satisfying. Probably will not buy them again though. Have a great life and thanks again.

  4. Melissa Williams

    Very tasty but I don’t have an air fryer and I don’t like using the microwave there Has to be another way as far as warming them up in the oven there wasn’t a lot of bacon but it was very tasty

  5. I am always looking for something good and different for breakfast. Tried these and I thought “here’s a keeper”. The easiest way is to take it from the freezer at night and pop it into the micro wave for 30-40 seconds and let it cool a minute (it does get hot) and good to go. Yes bun is soft but not soggy but a very tasty sandwich which is what surprised me. Bacon is thin but not sure if it’s the bacon and the gouda that makes its tasty. It’s tasty, filling and not dry like most frozen breakfast sandwiches. I would recommend them.
    Now Costco will probably discontinue them.

  6. Would NEVER buy them again. The bread was way below par in taste. When the bread doesn’t pass, forget liking the rest of the ingredients.. All negatives, no pos.

  7. Thank you for your review. I thought they were good enough for the price and the convenience of having another “quick” breakfast option in the house.

  8. Sadly I haven’t been able to find these at our local Costco stores for the past few months. I hope they haven’t been discontinued. My 6yo daughter who is a very picky eater loves these sandwiches. Cooked in the air fryer they turn out perfect.

  9. I am addicted to these breakfast sandwiches, but Costco has quit carrying them in our area Costco. Are they going to continue carrying them. If so I will rush right in and purchase.

  10. I even spoke to a supervisor and they said they were on the delete list of items. If this is so where else can I purchase them?

  11. Bought these at Rockwall, Texas Costco 1 time, LOVED them and went back for more!!! They have not stocked them yet again!!! WHY??? I REALLY would love to buy them again!!!

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