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Kirkland Signature Asian Chicken Wraps at Costco

Costco sells a 2-count of their Asian Chicken Wraps for $6.49 a pound or about $15. The Asian Chicken Wraps can be found in their deli area near the other prepared meals such as the Garlic Pepper Chicken WingsTaco Kit, and the Shrimp Cocktail.


The Asian Chicken Wraps are sold as a 2-count (4 Halves) and will include an Asian style sesame dressing. Each package weighs approximately 2.2-2.4 pounds.

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What’s In The Costco Asian Wraps?

The Costco Asian Chicken Wraps are made with its famous rotisserie chicken mixed with Asian coleslaw, all wrapped in a jumbo spinach tortilla. The coleslaw comprises of green cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, and broccoli.


The Asian wraps will also include some sliced almonds and some egg noodles. Each pack will also have a small cup of Asian sesame dressing.

Asian Wraps - Heavier than Expected

One thing that really surprised me about these Asian Chicken Wraps from Costco was just how heavy they were. 

I guess I expected something light due to the veggies, but these wraps are packed full of ingredients. 


I busted out my kitchen scale, and each wrap weighed just a touch above 8 ounces. That means each full wrap weighs over 1 pound! There is a lot of food here.

Costco Cost Comparison

How Much Do The Costco Asian Chicken Wraps Cost?

The Costco Asian Chicken Wraps sell for $6.49 a pound or about $14-$15 per package. Each of the 4 half wraps breaks down to $3.60 each or about $7.20 for the full chicken wrap.


The $6.49 a pound price tag seems a little pricey to me, but considering that each wrap weighs 1 whole pound, it isn’t overly expensive. 

I would be hard-pressed to find a wrap of this size for this price anywhere else outside of Costco.

Asian Chicken Wrap Taste Test

I’m not one that usually goes for healthier veggie heavy meals like these Asian wraps, but these were quite nice. The Asian chicken wrap was filling and didn’t leave me with the post lunch slump. Can’t complain about that.

Spinach Tortilla

I did appreciate the spinach tortilla over a regular flour tortilla. The wrap was a little thick and doughy at points, but it does bring a healthy veggie feel that was perfect for this style of Asian Wrap.


I can also imagine the green tortilla draws a lot of eyeballs and helps the wraps stick out compared to some of Costco’s other prepared meals.

Asian Chicken Wrap Filling

I thought the Asian chicken wrap filling was good but not great. Every bite had fresh and crunchy vegetables, and there was no shortage of crunch throughout the wrap. 

The almonds added a nice earthy touch, and the dry egg noodles provided some unique texture. 


The white meat rotisserie chicken was solid. It was somewhat dry at times, but the sesame dressing helped with that. 

I would have liked some of the rotisserie chicken pieces to have been cut a little smaller, but overall no major complaints about the chicken.

Sesame Dressing

I found the Asian sesame dressing to be the highlight of the meal. The Asian chicken wrap was a little dry, and the dressing really helped liven everything up. 

The dressing has a very, very strong sesame flavor but went well with the ingredients of the wrap.


My one complaint with the dressing was that the texture felt a little off and seemed to be of lower quality. 

Pro Tip: Eat ASAP. The wrap and the ingredients become soggy 1 day after they are packed and mushy 2 days after the packed date.  

Final Thoughts

Overall, I would have liked a little more flavor. I thought the wrap was on the bland side and the sesame dressing was a must-add, but my wife, on the other hand, found it flavorful enough without the dressing.

These are a great option to serve at small parties if you don’t want to commit to a giant party platter from Costco’s catering menu

Costco Asian Chicken Wrap Calories and Nutrition Facts

How Many Calories in Costco Asian Chicken Wraps?

Costco doesn’t make it easy to get the nutritional and calorie information for their prepared meals, but I was able to get some help from a Costco deli employee. Each half chicken Asian wrap will have 210 calories, 23 grams of fat, 52 grams of carbs, and 24 grams of protein. The full nutritional information is listed below. 

Nutrition Facts
Costco Asian Chicken Wrap
Serving Size
8.9 oz
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
Saturated Fat
Trans Fat
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Are The Costco Asian Chicken Wraps Healthy?

Yes, I would say that the Costco Asian chicken wrap is healthy. The wrap is made of a spinach tortilla with white meat rotisserie chicken and vegetables. The calories are reasonable, considering the size of the wrap. This is a very healthy and filling meal.

Long Ingredient List

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 4.7/5 (10)

Excellent and healthy. Very filling.
Am I supposed to heat up the Asian wrap before consuming?
They are awesome!
Fresh, crispy veggies, chicken - delicious with or without dressing provided.
Good for lunch or dinner.
Sooooooooo disappointed that they have decided to discontinued this Wrap. I would buy a few packages, freeze each wrap individually and defrost one at a time. I would wrap it (no pun intended) tightly in a paper towel after it moisture! It was a full meal for me almost every night Please consider bringing it back, why can't you have both kinds of wraps to satisfy all?
Great item!
Best wrap i've ever had hands down.
The wrap is a good value as I get 3 meals out of it. The wrap is always fresh and the dipping sauce brings it all together. After looking at the nutritional value I was taken back by the amount of carbs. I figured a spinach wrap would lower the carbs but I was quite surprised. It does get a little doughy at the end but it’s one of my favorite prepared foods from Costco.
Excellent summer lunch!!
Tasty, light, yet filling. I agree that the wrap itself did get doughy in places and likely by tomorrow the quality will be somewhat diminished. Overall, a great tasting wrap and a convenient change of pace for dinner.