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Le Chic Patissier Belgian Waffles at Costco

Costco sells an 8 pack of Le Chic Patissier Belgian Waffles for $9.99. The Belgian Waffles can be found in Costco’s Pantry and Dry Good Area of the store near other items such as the Chia Seeds, Pizza Crust KitDehydrated Hash Browns, and the Seaweed Snacks.


Costco’s Belgian Waffles weigh 3.5 ounces each and are imported from Belgium! These Belgian Waffles are made with a butter recipe.

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Store at Room Temperature - Good For a Month

The Belgian Waffles from Costco are special because they can be stored at room temperature and do not have to be frozen or even refrigerated! 

My Belgian waffles have a best by date about a month from the date I bought them. Not bad!

What is a Belgian Waffle?

There are two main types of Belgian Waffles; the Brussels Waffle and the Liege Waffle. Outside of Belgium, either waffle will most likely be referred to as Belgian Waffles, but in Belgium, depending on the type, they will be called either Brussels or Liege Waffles.


The Belgian Waffle origin dates back to the 1964 New York World’s fair when a Belgian brought and served the waffles in the United States. 

He decided to rename the Brussels Waffles that he was serving in America to the Belgian Waffle in order to create a connection with a larger number of people who knew Belgium but not necessarily Brussels.

Belgian Waffle Differences

Belgian waffles differ from typical waffles because of their lighter batter, larger squares, and deeper pockets. This makes the Belgian waffle a great anytime waffle that can be filled with a variety of different toppings.


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Dessert?

Most people eat american waffles at breakfast time, but that isn’t necessarily the case for Belgian Waffles. Belgian waffles are rather sweet and they can essentially be eaten at any meal, as a snack, or even a dessert. 

They are extremely versatile and will satisfy your sweet tooth at any time of the day.


Costco Cost Comparison

How Much Do Belgian Waffles Cost at Costco?

Costco sells an 8 pack of these imported Belgian Waffles for $9.99. This is a price breakdown of $1.25 per Belgian Waffle or a per pound price of $5.67. 


It may be overpriced for an American waffle, considering you can make your own at home for less than $0.25 each, but these are from Belgium, and $1.25 seems fair.

Belgian Waffle Price

There doesn’t seem to be many non-frozen Belgian waffle options outside of Costco for comparison, so the next best thing is to compare the cost to an actual waffle in Belgium. 

There are a variety of Belgian waffles, but they typically cost $2-$5 for a plain or natural waffle. While the quality is not going to be the same, the $1.25 price tag for the Costco Belgian Waffles, isn’t ridiculous.

Costco Belgian Waffles Taste Test

Can Be Eaten Warm or at Room Temperature

The Costco Belgian waffles can be reheated or eaten as is at room temperature, and for my first Belgian waffle, I opted to eat it plain and at room temperature. 

I felt like this would give me the best idea of what these Belgian Waffles really are.


Flavorful Butter Recipe Flavor

From the first bite, it’s obvious that the Costco Belgian Waffle is going to be extremely flavorful. The packaging describes the waffle as a butter recipe, and it definitely lives up to the claim. 

There is a very strong butter smell and taste that is persistent throughout the Belgian waffle.

Sugary but Not Overpowering

In addition to the savory butteriness there is a significant amount of sweetness in the waffle. There are plenty of visible sugar flakes and the Belgian Waffle has a consistent but not overpowering sweetness. 


I’m not a big sweets guy, but the mix of buttery savoriness and sweetness was spot on for me. There is plenty of sugar in these Costco Belgian Waffles, but it is appropriately blended in with the  savory flavors.

Great Waffles, Better When Heated

The waffle itself is thick and firm, but not dry. I wouldn’t necessarily call them moist, but I do not have any complaints about the dryness of the Belgian waffles. I very much enjoyed eating them with no additional toppings.


After some testing, I did prefer a microwaved belgian waffle over the room temperature waffle. A quick 20-25 second heating melted some of the sugar and provided the waffle some warmth which gave it more of a fresh baked feel.

Heating Costco’s Belgian Waffles

There are going to be a few different ways to heat these Belgian Waffles from Costco.

I normally don’t like to use the microwave for reheating any of Costco’s food items, but in this case it actually is my preferred method. I like the microwave because the Belgian Waffle gets warmed, but doesn’t harden.


Crispy Belgian Waffle Heating Options

If you are looking for a more crispy exterior on your waffle, you can oven bake the waffle at 325°F for 5 minutes or reheat the waffle in an Air Fryer at the same temperature for about 3-4 minutes. 

The waffle comes out more crispy this way and will act as a strong and sturdy base for any toppings that you may want to add to it.

Belgian Waffle Toppings Suggestions

With such a versatile food item like the Belgian Waffle, there are going to be many ways to actually enjoy it. 

Most people recommend eating your actual first Belgian waffle from Belgium as-is or natural as they call it. Does that apply for these Belgian Waffles? I would think so, and I ate my first Costco Belgian Waffle all natural as well. I think it’s always great to get a real sense of the food before eating a decked out version.


Butter and Sugar Combo

Most commonly, Belgian Waffles are served with butter and a dusting of sugar. This is a great way to eat the waffle if your goal is to make it as close to an authentic traditional Belgian Waffle as possible.

Additional Toping Ideas

Additionally A Belgian Waffle would go great with fruits (strawberries, bananas, berries), syrup, chocolate, ice cream, or nutella.

Nutritional Information for Belgian Waffles from Costco

How Many Calories in Costco's Belgian Waffles?

One Costco Belgian Waffle is going to contain 410 calories which are made up from 22 grams of fat, 48 grams of carbs (26 grams of added sugar), and 5 grams of protein. 


Nutritional Analysis

Obviously, this isn’t a pretty nutritional label and there are a lot of calories for only a 3.5 ounce waffle. The biggest disappointment here is going to be the 48g of carbs and the 26 grams of added sugars.

Of course, a waffle is going to be full of carbs, but the 26 grams of sugar coming from 26 grams of added sugars was sad to see. I don’t have a big sweet tooth, so I would probably still enjoy the Belgian Waffle with half the amount of sugars.

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 5/5 (1)

These are delicious toasted and eaten without anything on them . Also adding strawberries and whipped cream reminds me of my first trip to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle

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