Costco Food Court Coffee Drinks (Mocha Freeze Vs. Latte Freeze)

Costco Mocha Freeze And Latte Freeze

Costco’s food court is known for serving up delicious, budget-friendly food items such as the $1.50 hot dog or $9.95 whole Costco pizza, but one of their lesser known options is their frozen coffee drinks.


These coffee drinks may not be the most popular food court items, but the Mocha Freeze and the Latte Freeze sure have their place when you are looking for a pick-me-up on a hot day after a long Costco shopping trip. 

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Costco Mocha Freeze vs. Latte Freeze

Only One Major Difference

While these are two separate coffee-style drinks, they aren’t very much different from one another. They will both be made with cold brew coffee from Kirkland Signature Colombian Beans, with the major difference between the two coffee options at Costco’s food court being the addition of a pump or two of chocolate syrup.

Costco Mocha Freeze Costco Food Court

The Costco Mocha Freeze Is Made With Chocolate Syrup

Costco’s Latte Freeze coffee drink is made with just the cold brew iced coffee from the Kirkland Signature Colombian Beans, while the Mocha Freeze contains the added premium chocolate syrup. Keep in mind this is the same chocolate syrup that is used in the Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae, so you can expect the Mocha Freeze to be quite sweet.

The “Secret Menu”

The Latte Freeze Isn't Advertised

As you can see on the Costco Food Court Menu board, the Latte Freeze is not listed nor even mentioned. Now, it’s not exactly a hidden food court menu item as it’s easily accessible on the self order kiosk, but it also isn’t advertised like the Mocha Freeze, and it may not be as well known to the public, especially for those who order at the food court counter. 


Another “secret menu item” is Costco’s half-and-half pizza. The half cheese, half pepperoni pizza is available at the food court kiosk but does not appear on the food court menu signage.

Cost Increase and Mocha Freeze History

Dramatic Price Increase in 2020

Costco’s current Cold Brew Mocha Freeze is an updated version of the original Mocha Freeze. Costco went through some significant food court menu changes at the beginning of the covid pandemic and decided to discontinue some items while updating others. 

While there isn’t much information on what specific ingredient changes were made for the mocha freeze, we do know that the price has increased from a very affordable $1.45 to a higher price tag of $2.99. 

No, This Isn't From 1980, It's from 2019

Costco Members Are Not Happy With The Price Increase

At nearly double the price, the updated cold brew mocha freeze has been met with some resistance and disappointment from Costco fans who enjoyed the affordability of a $1.45 iced coffee slushie drink. Both the Mocha Freeze and Latte Freeze Cost $2.99.

Costco Mocha Freeze/Latte Freeze Taste Test

Both Costco Food Court Coffee Drinks Use Kirkland Signature Colombian Beans

Costco Kirkland Signature Colombian Coffee

The Mocha Freeze and Latte Freeze are both made with Kirkland Signature Colombian Beans. Colombian Beans are known for their medium body and balanced acidity and deliver notes of chocolate, caramel, and nuts. The smooth and bold flavors make it a perfect coffee bean for frozen coffee drinks.

Costco Cold Brew Mocha Freeze Is Very Sweet


Costco’s new Cold Brew Mocha Freeze is a delicious frozen coffee drink that will definitely satisfy your caffeine and sugar cravings. When I say this drink is sweet, I mean it. The Mocha Freeze includes a very generous pump or even two of chocolate syrup that blends perfectly with the smooth coffee goodness. 

When fully mixed in with the coffee slushy, the chocolate flavor is prominent and noticeable, and I would even consider classifying the drink as a milkshake like dessert.

Costco’s Latte Cold Brew Freeze - Sweet With a Strong Coffee Flavor


You would expect the Latte Freeze version of the Mocha Freeze to be a completely different beast, but that isn’t quite so. Costco’s cold brew latte freeze is quite sweet in its own right, even without the added chocolate syrup. I was able to notice quite a bit more of the coffee flavor in this drink, which I enjoyed, but underlying sweetness still prevailed. 

Both of Costco’s food court coffee options are on the sweet side, which is unfortunate for those looking for a simple caffeine pick-me-up.

How Much Caffeine is in The Mocha Freeze?

Costco Doesn't Disclose The Amount of Caffeine In Their Coffee Freeze Drinks

Costco does not disclose the exact caffeine content for both the Latte Freeze and Mocha Freeze. We can expect cold brew coffee to contain a higher caffeine content as compared to regular coffee due to the cold brewing process, which often results in a more concentrated brew. 

Some Internet Users Have Reported Feeling Jittery From The Drink

As an avid coffee drinker, I’ve built up quite the caffeine tolerance, but after reading some discussions about the Cold Brew Mocha Freeze/Latte Freeze from Costco, some people have claimed the drink is packed with caffeine and even has left them feeling jittery. 

Each person will have their own caffeine tolerances, and the sugar may even play a role in how individuals react to it.

Costco Mocha Freeze Calories and Nutrition

There Are 580 Calories In The Mocha Freeze

The beauty of coffee is that it can be drunk as a 0 calorie drink or a rich, indulgent treat, depending on how you want to prepare it. 

Costco opted to create the Mocha Freeze as a decadent dessert-like slushie drink that is packed full of calories and sugar. Here is the full calorie and nutritional label for Costco’s Mocha Freeze.

Nutrition Facts
Cold Brew Mocha Freeze
Serving Size
16 oz
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
Saturated Fat
Trans Fat
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Each mocha freeze from Costco will contain 580 calories, 8 grams of fat, 116 grams of carbohydrates, and 12 grams of protein. The Mocha Freeze also has a whopping 111 grams of sugar (97 grams added) per drink, making it a high-calorie, high-sugar experience.

Check our Costco Food Court Nutrition Guide for the calorie information for the rest of the food court lineup. 

Costco Latte Freeze Calories

There is a lot of information floating around on the internet that the Latte Freeze has anywhere between 190 calories and 240 calories per drink, but Costco doesn’t actually provide the nutritional information. The 190 calorie count that many online sites use is the calorie count for the old Latte Freeze version that Costco sold pre-2020. 

Since Costco doesn’t provide the official calorie information for the new Cold Brew Latte Freeze, we will have to deduce the calorie count using the information we have. The only difference between the Mocha Freeze and the Latte Freeze is the added pumps of chocolate syrup. We also have the calorie information for the difference between Costco’s plain vanilla ice cream and the chocolate sundae (again, the only difference being the added pumps of the same chocolate syrup.)

Looking at the calorie information for the chocolate sundae and the plain vanilla ice cream, we can see the difference at a total of only 140 calories, 4 grams of fat, and 11 grams of sugar (9 grams added). Using this information, the latte Freeze will have around 440 calories, 12 grams of fat, and 102 grams of sugar. 

I will admit this does seem high, but based on the nutritional information from Costco’s food court, I believe this to be the best estimation for the calorie count of a Latte Freeze.

Why Doesn’t Costco Sell Coffee?

Costco hasn’t specifically commented on why they don’t sell just a regular hot cup of coffee in the food court, but there has been some speculation as to why the wholesale giant skips out on what would appear to be a fantastic source of additional revenue. The prevailing idea is that Costco wants to keep traffic flowing throughout the warehouse and the food court, and doesn’t want to attract a crowd that will purchase a cup of coffee and then hang out in the food court area for a prolonged period of time. 

I know there have been many times I would have loved to have walked around Costco with a hot cup of Kirkland Signature coffee, but I can definitely understand the theory on why Costco doesn’t sell nor want to sell a cup of brew.

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