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Costco’s Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier Packs might be the best deal in all of Costco. Save money and only buy Costco Liquid IV. 

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Liquid IV at Costco

Costco sells a 30 pack of Liquid I.V. Hydration Packs for $28.99. The Liquid IV can be found in the health and fitness area of the warehouse, often near items such as the protein powder, energy drinks, and fairlife protein shakes.

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This package of Liquid IV contains 30 individual packs with easy tear off tabs, and can be easily transported and used at any time. 

They are meant to be mixed with 16oz of water and provide hydration for sports, heat/sun, travel, and overall wellness.

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What is Liquid IV

Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier is an electrolyte drink mix that will hydrate you 2-2.5 times faster than water alone. 

Liquid IV uses what they call Cellular Transport Technology (CTT) to deliver the hydration into your bloodstream. 


The science behind CTT is a combination of Sodium, Potassium, Glucose, and water. These electrolyte packs use Non-GMO sugar and mined salt strictly for function and not for taste. 

In addition to the hydration and electrolytes, Liquid IV contains 5 essential vitamins – B3, B5,B6,B12 and Vitamin C. 

Costco LIquid IV Hydration Multiplier Price

How Much is Liquid IV at Costco?

Costco generally has good prices across the board. For most products, you are going to be paying less at Costco than you would elsewhere. 

If you are paying the same price or more, you are typically getting a higher quality version of the product. 

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Costco Easily Has The Best Deal

In this case, Costco blows all other competitors out of the water. When Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier is on sale, a 30 pack at Costco costs only $22.99. This breaks down to $0.77 per stick! 

At the regular retail price of $28.99, the price per stick is $0.97. Now let’s take a look at how much these electrolytes are sold for at some competing stores.

PricePrice Per Pack
Costco Retail (30 pack)$28.99$0.97
Costco Sale (30 pack)$22.99$0.77
Sam's Club (24 Pack)$29.88$1.25
Amazon (16 pack)$24.99$1.56 (16 pack)$24.47$1.53

These prices are not even close, and even I am shocked with how much of a discount you can get at Costco. When on sale, these are half the price of Amazon and of the manufacturer themselves. 

Even Sam’s Club is more expensive and you get six less sticks. If you just buy a few packs of Liquid IV from Costco and nothing else, you will make your membership money back. 

That to me, is absolutely insane. I haven’t seen a price difference of this magnitude with any other product.

Why I use LIquid IV Hydration Multiplier

There are many reasons why you should use this product. I’ve touched on a few above. From many of the reviews I’ve read (there are tens of thousands across the internet) these do an excellent job of rehydrating you after working out or playing sports. 

They are great at keeping you hydrated when outside and many people drink these electrolytes for everyday wellbeing. 

My Dehydration Issues

I personally use this product because my fingers tend to cramp up or lock when I’m dehydrated. There are times when I make a fist and then open my hand fully only to have one finger stuck at a 30 degree angle. 

It’s not painful, and I need to use my other hand to pull my finger up, but it’s still a problem nonetheless. 

I feel I drink quite a bit of water already as is, but it’s not going to hurt to have some extra electrolytes and hydration. 

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This problem is most likely caused from my excessive testing of Costco’s high sodium frozen foods such as the Spicy Chicken Sandwich or the Frozen Pepperoni Pizza

I’m hoping this product or Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy can be the answer for me to finally solve this finger issue.

LIquid IV - Taste Test

Yes, Liquid IV tastes fantastic. The lemon lime is perfectly flavored without being overly sweet. 

I wouldn’t know that I was drinking a hydration drink and not a lemon flavored drink. The pack is super easy to use, mixes well, and goes down easy. 

Great Tasting Drink

I thoroughly enjoyed the drink, and have no complaints about the Lemon Lime flavor. Lemon lime is my go to choice, and that’s why I picked it here, and it did live up to my expectations. 

There are 11g of added sugar that they claim is not intended for taste but for the CTT Technology. I do think the sugar did help make the drink rather nice. 

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It’s not a super tasty drink that I will drink if I don’t actually need the hydration benefit. Thats a good thing, because I’m not going to be opening a pack just for a little treat.

Does Liquid IV Work?

There are many positive reviews of Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier at and other online stores on the web. People really like Liquid IV and seem to swear by it. 

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I haven’t tested it enough to make a decision one way or another on its impacts for me, but I do feel better and refreshed after drinking a serving. Is that a placebo effect? Possibly.  

I do plan to purchase more Liquid IV from Costco during this current sale, because the price is just too good to pass up.

Nutritional Information

How Many Calories in Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier

Before I looked at the label, I figured this would be a little to no calorie drink pack. There are actually 45 calories in each stick all coming from 11 carbs which are 11 sugars. 


The packaging does say that the sugars are for function and for taste, so there’s nothing really to complain about if that is the case.


Generally when I read the ingredients list, I like to see as many whole foods and words that I know. This isn’t the case with Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier.

I don’t recognize the majority of ingredients on the label aside from cane sugar and salt. The package claims this is for the CTT technology, so I’m going to have to trust them on that. 

Final Thoughts

We can all benefit from a little more hydration, and at Costco’s sales price it’s hard to pass up. I’m probably going to buy 2-3 more bags before this current sale is up. 

I don’t like super sweet foods or drinks, so I think the Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier lemon lime flavor was perfect. Thank you Costco for providing an amazing product at an equally amazing price.


What flavors does Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier offer? offers 8 different flavors. They are Acai Berry, strawberry, lemon lime, passion fruit, watermelon, guava, piña colada, and golden cherry. 

The flavors available at are strawberry, passion fruit, lemon lime, and watermelon. My local Costco offers Strawberry and lemon lime as the Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier flavors. 

Does Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier cure hangovers?

Yes, in theory, Liquid IV is great to cure hangovers. Hangovers are caused by a variety of reasons including dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. As you can imagine, Liquid IV hydration is going to assist the body is properly hydrating and solving any electrolyte issues that may occur from excessive drinking. 

Liquid IV with its electrolytes should be the first step to cure hangovers.

Additional Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier Information

To get the most from Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier, you will need to take a one pack with 16oz of water. I clarified with the nice people at Liquid IV and they stated 16oz is the perfect scientific amount, and that any significant amount of additional water won’t have any benefits. 

Their Cellular Transport Technology (CTT) uses a specific ratio of salt, sugar, and potassium that helps to deliver more water and nutrients than just water alone. It’s all about the ratios, and the product won’t be as effective if diluted or even saturated.

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