Costco Mochi Ice Cream - Fun Dessert, But Not Perfect

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Ice Cream Mochi is one of my all time favorite desserts. Does Costco’s Mochi compare to some of Japan’s finest?

My Mochi Ice Cream at Costco

Costco sells an 18 pack of My Mochi Ice Creams for $10.99. This is already a fantastic price for 18 mochi, but the item also goes on sale for $7.99 making this price an absolute steal. 

My Mochi can be found in the frozen food aisles next to the other vanilla ice creamJapanese Cheesecakesboba ice cream bars, and the Island Way Sorbet


This My Mochi package includes 3 of their most popular flavors – Strawberry, Sweet Mango, and Green Tea. 

Store-bought mochi are typically sold in 6 packs and with the Costco mochi it’s no different; you will be getting 3 trays of 6 mochi each.

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What is Mochi Ice Cream?

Mochi Ice Cream takes the typical Japanese mochi which is a rice cake made of glutinous rice and fills it with ice cream. The end result is an ice cream ball covered with chewy soft dough. The mochi dough’s texture is a mix of a soft gummy candy and a marshmallow. 

Sounds a little bit out there, but as an ice cream lover, I would dare say the sweet mochi dough outshines the actual ice cream. It really is that delicious.

Costco also sells a non ice cream mochi. The 
brown sugar boba mochi treats can be found in the snack area of the warehouse. 

Costco Cost Comparison - My Mochi

How much does Mochi cost at Costco?

Costco retails the 18 pack of My Mochi Ice Cream for $10.99, but will discount the item to $7.99. This is a $3 discount or 28% off the retail price. 

The price per mochi at retail is $0.61 and that price drops down to $0.45 when the 18 pack of mochi is on sale.

Costco Mochi Ice Cream Balls scaled

Does Costco have the best price on Mochi?

Walmart and Target each sell a 6 pack of My Mochi Ice Cream for $4.88 and $4.99 respectively. This averages out to $0.82 per mochi! This is significantly higher than Costco’s retail price per mochi of $0.61. 

Costco once again comes in with the best price at retail and when on sale the price per mochi drops to an astounding $0.45. This is nearly 50% of the price you would pay at other retailers or grocery stores. 

The Big Problem! - Costco Doesn't Have All the Flavors!

I don’t have a problem buying mochi in bulk, especially when the cost savings are this dramatic. The one downside is that you don’t have the option to pick and choose specific mochi flavors at Costco. 

If you buy My Mochi at Costco you are going to get Strawberry, Green Tea, and Sweet Mango.

Other Flavor Options

Other retailers will have flavors such as Cookies and Cream, Guava, S’mores, Horchata, and more. Costco will not be able to provide you some of the more exotic and fun flavors. 

The flavors they do provide are fine in their own right, and probably the best combo to meet the general populations taste, but I would have loved to have seen additional options at my local Costco warehouse. 

My Mochi Variety Pack First Impression

Fun Vibes

I first was introduced to mochi ice cream about 15 years ago, and I remember distinctly that the box design was Japanese and very formal. 

The colors were dull and the text was in Japanese. If you didn’t know what it was, you wouldn’t know what it was. 

My Mochi at Costco scaled

The Costco My Mochi Ice Cream is a complete 180 from what I remember. This box is bright purple and gives a very friendly, modern, and fun vibe. 

The colors are vivid and the box uses statements like “nom nom time” and “amazeballs”. It’s clear that My Mochi wants to sell some ice cream to the masses.

Poor Presentation

In the Costco Mochi Pack, you get 6 mochi of 3 different flavors. Each flavor comes in its own 6 pack tray and is covered in plastic wrap. 

Costco Mochi Ball Flavors scaled

I will say, I was very disappointed with the presentation of the mochi in the pack that I received. 

Some of the ice cream appears to be oozing out of the rice dough balls. This leads me to believe that there is some carelessness in the manufacturing process. 

Costco Mochi Ice Cream - Taste Test

My Mochi directions

Mochi Ice Cream at Costco scaled

Before we get to the review, let’s go over the directions to “desquishious” town. 

  1. Chill in the freezer until My Mochi nom nom time
  2. Let the Mochi Ice Cream sit a minute or two
  3. Sink your teeth into Amazeballs

The My Mochi brand is fun and playful

My Mochi doesn’t seem to take themselves too seriously and their packaging is very playful. You need to let the mochi sit out for just a few minutes to allow the rice dough to soften. 

This is a very important step and the difference between completely frozen mochi ice cream and one that is defrosted with a soft and squishy rice dough is night and day. Follow the instructions here and let the mochi sit at room temperature for just two minutes.

How is the mochi dough?

The star of the show here is going to be the dough. It’s imperative that the Mochi dough be sweet, chewy, stretchy, and soft. The mochi balls from My Mochi are pretty good. 

Costco Mochi Ice Cream scaled

They aren’t the best mochi ice cream balls I have ever eaten but the dough still is soft and chewy.

Is My Mochi Ice Cream good?

The inner ice cream filling is also just above average. The flavors are not extremely pronounced, but you can still clearly tell which flavor you were tasting. 

The ice cream was less sweet than most other ice creams, but for me that was just fine. 

These particular mochi really lacked that addictiveness for me. Usually I’ll want to eat 2 or 3 mochi balls at a time, but with these, I haven’t even thought about eating more than 1 per sitting.

Which My Mochi flavor is best?

My personal ranking of the flavors. 

  1. Strawberry 
  2. Sweet Mango
  3. Green Tea

These My Mochi ice cream balls tasted fine but were lacking in the wow factor. The texture was there but the flavor was lacking. They are a tasty dessert but I’m not so sure that they satisfy the mochi craving.

My Mochi Nutritional Information

Let me start this off with a standing round of applause to My Mochi. Finally, a nutritional label that is meant for the gluttonous like me. One serving of Mochi is actually 4 individual Mochi Ice Cream pieces. 

Can you believe it?! I like to eat, and I like to indulge, but even I think 4 pieces of mochi in one serving is a little overboard for a nutritional label.

Costco Mochi Nutritional Information scaled

How many calories in My Mochi?

Regardless, let’s take a look at the nutritional value. Each serving of 4 pieces of mochi is 400 calories consisting of 11g of fat, 71g of carbs, and 5g of protein. 

One serving will contain 47g of added sugars which is 94% of your daily recommended value…worth it??

In more realistic portions, each piece contains 100 calories with 3g of fat, 18g of carbs with 12g coming from added sugars, and 1g of protein. 100 calories for an ice cream dessert isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Mochi Ice Cream Ingredients

Costco Mochi Ice Cream Ingredients My Mochi scaled

Final Thoughts

As expected, Costco provides the most competitive mochi prices. When on sale, Costco’s mochi is half the price of competitors and worth a buy. Even at retail price, these are a great deal, but the My Mochi brand makes just an average to above average mochi ice cream ball. 

They didn’t have that bingeability (maybe that’s a good thing), and also didn’t fully satisfy that mochi desire. I might buy this again maybe 6 months from now if they are on sale, but otherwise this is a pass for me. 

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 5/5 (2)

I love these but my Costco in Tallahassee no longer sells them. Bring them back please!
I love these and have missed them at the St. Cloud,MN Costco.

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  1. These are a favorite – perfect size for an after lunch treat. Good price when they are on sale. However, the green tea taste like dirt to me, we always prefer the pack that replaces the green tea with vanilla! Unfortunatly that doesn’t happen as often as we would like.

  2. It’s hard to find well-informed people on this topic, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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