Costco Cedar Plank Salmon (Sweet, Very Tasty) + How to Cook


Cedar Bay Hickory Maple Cedar Planked Salmon at Costco

Costco sells a 32 ounce package of Hickory Maple Cedar Plank Salmon for $19.99. The cedar plank salmon can be found in the frozen food aisle near other items such as the salmon burgerstortilla crusted tilapiaeverything seasoning cod, and the shrimp tempura.


The salmon is flavored with a hickory maple marinade and hand placed on a pre-soaked cedar plank. 

The salmon can be cooked in the oven or on the grill and only takes about 25 minutes of cook time. 

Salmon from Canada

The Cedar Plank Salmon is a product of Canada and made with Atlantic Salmon. Atlantic salmon is typically farmed and is one of the most common salmon options you will find in a grocery store. 

For more information on Atlantic Salmon and Costco’s Wild Sockeye salmon, take a look at our Costco Salmon Guide.


What is The Purpose of The Cedar Plank?

The unique selling point of this salmon is of course going to be the Cedar Plank. Cedar planks are great at keeping the salmon moist and infusing some cedar smoke flavor into the flesh of the fish. 


The cedar plank also causes the salmon to cook with indirect heat which slows the cooking process and prevents the salmon from overcooking and drying out.

Cedar Plank Salmon Taste Test

Is Cedar Planked Salmon Good?

I opted to cook the cedar plank salmon on the BBQ and it couldn’t have been easier. 25 minutes on the grill and the salmon came out perfectly flaky and looked absolutely amazing.


The Cedar Plank Makes Salmon Flaky and Tender

The Cedar Plank that was covered in the hickory marinade was burnt to a crisp, but it did its job in keeping the salmon moist and tender. 


The larger side of the salmon was cooked amazingly and was super flaky. The thinner side was a little more cooked but had a nice crispy texture.

The salmon also comes with the skin on which is rare for Atlantic Salmon. I love salmon skin, and this skin was no exception as it was crispy and delicious. 

The Hickory Maple Salmon is Sweet

The salmon looked great, and tasted amazing. I was rather impressed with the hickory maple flavor of the salmon.


It’s definitely on the sweeter side, but it was a nice mix up from the salmon flavoring that I would normally use. 

Great Flavors

The marinade did penetrate through to the inside of the salmon which was nice as it provided flavor all the way through with each bite. 

The salmon did take on some of the smokiness of the cedar plank, but it was overshadowed by the sweetness of the hickory maple. I would have liked a little more smokiness as I think the sweet and smoky flavor is an awesome combo.


Cedar Plank Salmon with Bibigo Sticky Rice

Overall the salmon is super easy to cook and is flavorful, flaky, and tender. The marinade adds a nice sweet hickory flavor and one of the better tasting and more unique salmon options at Costco.

Cooking Instructions Cedar Plank Salmon

How to Cook Costco's Cedar Planked Salmon

Cedar Bay offers 2 methods (Grill or Bake) to cook their Cedar Plank Atlantic Salmon and the entire cooking process takes approximately 25 minutes.


Preparation Instructions - Defrost Salmon Before Cooking

Defrost Before Cooking.

To Defrost: Do Not Open the Vacuum Pack.

Quick Thaw: Submerge entire package until thawed (approximately 40 minutes or until product is completely defrosted) or defrost overnight in the refrigerator (40°F).


  • Preheat BBQ to med-high heat (approx 425°F)
  • Place the salmon and plank directly over the BBQ grill and close the cover for approximately 23-28 minutes or until internal core temperature reaches 145°F.

Conventional Oven

  • Preheat oven to 425°F
  • Place the salmon and plank directly on the MIDDLE rack of the oven and place a baking sheet on the lower rack to catch any drips.
  • Bake for 23-28 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 145°F.

Do Not Overcook

Salmon is cooked when flesh becomes flaky. The salmon is perfectly cooked when it is still slightly pink in the center of the filet. Remove salmon immediately from the heat source as it will continue to cook after being removed. 

Salmon will easily lift from the plank for serving if desired.

Cedar Bay Salmon Nutritional Information

How Many Calories in the Cedar Planked Salmon?

Each serving of hickory maple cedar salmon is 4 ounces and contains 230 calories. Those 230 calories come from 11 grams of fat, 17 grams of carbs, and 17 grams of protein. 


This is just an ok nutritional profile for salmon as salmon typically doesn’t have carbs. The 17 grams of carbs come from the hickory maple seasoning and marinade and the majority of the carbs are added sugars (16 grams).

Moderate Amount of Sodium

The seasoning also adds quite a bit of sodium to the meal. Each serving contains 450mg of sodium or 20% of the daily recommended value. 

The sodium isn’t absolutely ridiculous, but it will add up when you consume multiple servings.

Costco Cost Comparison

How Much does Cedar Plank Salmon Cost at Costco?

Costco sells the Cedar Bay Salmon for $19.99, but occasionally will discount the salmon to $15.99. This is a $4 or 20% discount. 

Each package of cedar plank salmon contains 32 ounces of salmon and marinade. This breaks down to a per pound price of $10 at retail and $8 when the product is on sale. 

Considering that fresh Atlantic Salmon sells for $8.99 a pound at Costco, this is a very respectable price. You will be paying for the marinade, but unlike other products, the price doesn’t shoot up a ridiculous amount when low-cost sauce gets added.

Costco Cedar Planked Hickory Maple Atlantic Salmon Review

Product Name: Cedar Planked Atlantic Salmon

Product Description:
Price: $19.99 Retail / $15.99 Sale
Location Within Costco:
Price Per Pound:


Costco’s Cedar Plank Salmon is here to impress. The salmon is on the sweeter end, but super flavorful and easy to cook. 

The price is very good and the hickory maple salmon is well worth the price tag. 

Overall, the salmon is a fun and unique meal that is worth a try and can even be a weekly dinner option.

  • Value - 9/10
  • Convenience - 8/10
  • Taste - 8/10
  • Nutrition - 8/10
  • CFDB Score - 8/10


  • Great tasting
  • Easy to cook
  • Unique cedar plank
  • Very good price


  • Light smoky flavor

Final Thoughts

I picked up this salmon solely because it was on sale and looked like a fun, unique, and tasty dinner – and I wasn’t disappointed. Costco’s cedar plank salmon really surprised me in all facets from price to convenience, and even taste. 

I don’t have any major complaints about the hickory maple salmon and this is a Costco winner that I will be buying again.

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