Costco Sticky White Rice - Not Sticky? + Serving Ideas


Bibigo Sticky White Rice at Costco

Costco sells an 8 bowl container of Bibigo Cooked Sticky White Rice for $7.99. The sticky white rice can be found in the pantry and dried goods area of the store near other side dishes such as the naan flatbreaddehydrated hash browns and the madras lentils.


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What is Sticky Rice?

Sticky Rice is also called glutinous rice or sweet rice and is grown in Southeast Asia. The rice has a very low amylose content and becomes sticky when cooked. 

Sticky rice can be used in a variety of ways including in desserts, inside dumplings, and can even be made into rice cakes.


I’m most familiar with sticky rice from dim sum restaurants who will sell sticky rice mixed with protein and mushrooms all contained in a banana leaf. Very delicious!

Who is Bibigo?

Bibigo is a Korean company that makes quite a few different Asian or Korean style foods. At Costco, they sell their frozen wontons, Beef Bulgogi mandus, potstickers, and steamed dumplings

Typically, I find the frozen food they sell at Costco to be anywhere between average and good. 

They also sell Korean style BBQ sauces and Gochujang sauce outside of Costco.

Costco Cost Comparison - Sticky White Rice

Costco sells the 8 pack of Bibigo Sticky Rice Bowls for $7.99. This makes for an easy $1 per 7.4 ounce bowl of sticky rice. 


This of course is going to be more expensive than making rice at home, but it is a much cheaper option than buying ready to cook store bought rice or sticky rice from your local asian restaurant.

Costco vs the Competition

It does appear that Bibigo’s sticky rice is only sold in Costco, but other competitors do sell sticky rice from other brands.

Sam’s club sells a 12 pack of 7.4 ounce Shirakiku sticky rice for $13.88 or $1.16 per bowl. 

Target sells Annie Chun sticky rice for $1.99.

Costco’s price for Bibigo sticky rice is pretty darn good and will be hard to beat.

Bibigo Cooked Sticky White Taste Test

The Bibigo sticky white rice bowls are rather easy to make and I simply heated my bowl for 90 seconds in the microwave. The bowl of rice came out hot and ready to be eaten.


As far as stickiness, I was a little underwhelmed. There was a slight stick, but not comparable in any way to proper sticky rice that you would find at a local dim sum restaurant. 

In fact, there were times I completely forgot that I was even eating sticky rice.


For flavor, the rice is bland, which is to be expected. It is just plain white rice, and there are no additional flavors. 


I ate my sticky rice with some P.F. Chang’s Kung Pao Shrimp which was great because it absorbed some of the extra Kung Pao sauce.

Pictured below is the sticky rice with some 
cedar plank salmon


Overall, this is a mediocre bowl of slightly sticky rice. The Bibigo sticky rice bowls from Costco make a great on-the-go quick and easy side dish, but they aren’t necessarily going to wow you.


Pictured Above: Sticky Rice with Chinese Sausage. 

I plan to use them when I’m in a pinch and need a quick lunch, but probably won’t be serving these for dinner if I can help it.  

Bibigo Sticky White Rice Cooking Instructions

How To Cook Sticky White Rice from Costco?

Bibigo recommends two methods to cook this sticky rice. You can either microwave the rice for about 90 seconds or boil the entire package for 10 minutes. 

To me, it seems like the much easier option will be to use the microwave method.


Pictured Above – Sticky Rice with Kirkland Signature Meatballs

Microwave Method

  • Peel film to the dotted line.
  • Heat the Costco sticky rice on high for 1 min and 30 seconds (90 seconds)
  • Serve

Stove Top

  • Heat unopened package in boiling water for 10 minutes.
  • Serve

Costco Bibigo Sticky Rice - Moist and Sticky

How to cook the Bibigo sticky rice from Costco
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Cook Time 2 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Chinese
Servings 1


  • 1 Bowl Bibigo Sticky Rice


  • Microwave Method
  • Peel film to the dotted line.
    Heat the Costco sticky rice on high for 1 min and 30 seconds (90 seconds)
  • Stove Top
  • Heat unopened package in boiling water for 10 minutes.
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Sticky Rice Nutritional Information


How Many Calories in Costco Sticky Rice?

Each 7.4 ounce bowl of sticky rice from Costco contains 310 calories with 1 gram of fat, 71 grams of carbs, and 6 grams of protein.

Sticky Rice vs Regular Rice

This is going to be slightly more calories than regular medium grain white rice which typically has about 275 calories in 7.4 ounces. 

While this has slightly more calories and carbs than traditional white rice, the Costco sticky rice bowls aren’t extremely unhealthy or going overboard with their nutritional profile. 

Final Thoughts

Costco’s sticky rice didn’t do it for me. The rice didn’t have the stickiness that I expected and it was a lot closer to regular rice than what I would call sticky rice. 

The price is fine at $1 for a side dish, but you can do much better making rice at home. 

The bowl is convenient and at best the rice is a solid food to keep in your pantry when you are in a pinch.

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2 thoughts on “Costco Sticky Rice – Bibigo”

  1. The description says it is “Restaurant Style Medium Grain White Rice”. It is not actually glutinous rice. It seems to use the word Sticky White Rice so people won’t be disappointed when it is not the non-binding type of rice like basmati or jasmine.

    It is still a lot of money for what they basically give you for free in restaurants. At worse, they will charge you approximately a dollar for freshly cooked rice, which is around the same price as this.

    I see Costco selling real sticky rice, it looks like this:

  2. Bibigo is a Korean brand, and the term sticky rice can be confusing for some. To some people, it can be the sticky glutinous rice that is wrapped in banana leaves. However, Koreans mainly use short or medium grain rice for their meals. To me, I’m not a fan of these quick microwavable asian rice because I get this slight chemical taste from them..however my wife loves them.

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