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Perrier at Costco

Costco sells a 24 pack of Perrier Carbonated Mineral Sparkling Water for $17.99. Each bottle contains 16.9 ounces of naturally carbonated water. Perrier’s sparkling water can be found in the beverage area near some of the other sodas and waters such as, the Matcha Powder,  Kirkland Signature Sparkling Water and the Diet Cokes. The beverage area is usually near the back of the warehouse. 


Who is Perrier?

Perrier was formed by Louis Perrier in 1898. He operated a commercial spa near a local spring in Vergeze, France. Louis Perrier began to bottle and sell some of the water but then sold the location to a wealthy British investor. That investor then renamed the spring to Source Perrier and started bottling and selling the water in its distinctive green bottle. 

Source Perrier is a spring that is naturally carbonated. While naturally carbonated, the water and the carbon dioxide gas are captured individually during the production process. The water is purified and then recombined with the carbon dioxide to make the famous Perrier.

Costco Cost Comparison - Perrier Water

The 24 pack of Perrier sells for $17.99 at Costco. When on sale, the price drops by $5, down to $12.99. The per bottle price breaks down to $0.75 at retail and only $0.54 when on sale. These are absolutely fantastic prices for Perrier. 

Sam’s club retails the same package of Perrier Sparkling Water for $19.34 or $0.80 a bottle. Target sells a 6 pack of Perrier for $6.39 or $1.06 per bottle. When on sale, it’s going to be very hard to beat Costco’s price of $0.54 per bottle of Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water.


Compared to other sparkling water at Costco, Perrier is going to be on the more pricey side. Perrier is French and has a fun name to say so for that reason alone it’s going to be a little more fancy and expensive.

Costco’s Kirkland Signature Sparkling Water retails at $9.99 for 35 cans. Each can contains only 12 ounces of sparkling water and cost $0.29. These are only 12 ounce cans compared to Perrier’s 16.9 ounce bottle, so to equalize it we’ll convert the Kirkland Signature cans to 16.9 ounces at a price of $0.40 per can. If Costco’s sparkling water were the same size as Perrier’s it would still be $0.14 cheaper per bottle/can. If you were to take Perrier’s retail price, the Kirkland Signature sparkling water would be $0.35 cheaper! 

Perrier isn’t attempting to have the best price on sparkling water and will always be a little more expensive than the more economical options. 

Costco Perrier Review

Perrier is known for its iconic green bottle. There are a lot of benefits to having sparkling water or soda in a bottle such as ease of transportation and ability to re-cap when needed. One reason I really prefer canned drinks is because the can itself gets cold with the drink and a can can get much colder than a plastic bottle could. The cold sensation in my hand adds to the overall feeling and enjoyment of the beverage.


I’m not going to knock Perrier for their bottle, because they do also offer a glass bottle which can get just as cold as a can, while providing a refreshing feeling to the hand. The Perrier from Costco comes in plastic bottles, but between all of the container options, I believe the glass bottle to be superior. 

Now, when I drink a sparkling beverage, I’m looking for carbonation that is going to hit hard and strong. I want to feel the carbonation in my throat, otherwise I don’t really see the point of drinking sparkling water.


Saying that, I would rate Perrier’s carbonation as typical and ordinary. The bubbles are average size and hit with average intensity. For comparison, I consider San Pellegrino’s bubbles to be on the smaller and smoother side, while Kirkland Signature Sparkling Water has slightly larger than average size bubbles that are very intense. 

I enjoy Perrier more as a hot day drink but its not my first choice when it comes to washing down some salty snacks such as tortilla chips and salsa or some Multigrain Chips.

I’m not a sparkling water expert by any means, but I do know what taste good and what feels good in the throat, and Perrier just doesn’t do it for me. 


The Perrier would also pair well with some Kirkland Signature vodka to make your own hard seltzer

Perrier Nutritional Value

Just like most sparkling waters, Perrier is going to put up literal zeros and figurative tens across the board. There are zero calories with zero grams of fat, carbs, and protein. This is standard for sparkling waters and most carbonated waters will have zero calories.


There are some exceptions, for instance, Costco’s spindrift water contains a small amount of real juice and will have a total of 15 calories. Even then, if the drink isn’t at exactly zero, it will be pretty darn close.

One thing to note is that there are 70mg of calcium due to the minerals in the sparking water.

Final Thoughts

I’m glad Costco carries Perrier, but it falls right in the middle for me. Everything about Perrier seems to be pretty average. There is a little bit of “prestige” from the name that elevates the sparkling water to an above average tier, but I find the actual sparkling water to just be mediocre.  

I much prefer the cheaper Kirkland Signature Water or even the less intense La Croix. I’d rather have any of those more affordable options over Perrier. Costco carries many sparkling/carbonated beverages, and Perrier in my opinion is not worth the premium.  

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