A La Carte Herbes De Provence Lamb Shanks

(9 customer reviews)


9 reviews for A La Carte Herbes De Provence Lamb Shanks

  1. Margaret

    I highly recommend this lamb shank. It is delicious so tender you can cut it with a fork.

  2. Cecilia

    This lamb shank is delicious to the taste, I highly recommend it.

  3. Karen lavris

    Are used to buy at Costco in Vernon Hills the lamb shake with the special sauce how come they don’t carry it anymore can you tell me where I could find it

  4. Ann Pore

    I Discovered these lamb shanks at a friends house in Florida I live on the east coast and unfortunately I cannot find them in the Costco in my area I would like to know whether they can be ordered online for delivery


    My box says use by 8/2/22
    I thought it said 8/23/22

    Its been in the fridge very cold. Is it still ok to use. Or should I freeze it first then use it ?
    Thank you

  6. DS Lamb

    We love this product and want Costco @ 13450 SW 120 St. Miami, Fl. 33186, to keep carrying this product. How can we make this happen? I met another shopper who was chasing the butcher around trying to find the same product. She was just as adamant about getting this and was disappointed that Costco didn’t have it. Or…where else can I buy this in Miami, Fl.?
    PS. I guess we DO eat our relatives. Baaa lol

  7. Richard M Hinton

    I Love this! They are always sou tender & tasteful. The seasoning is just right too. I take the drippings in the bottom & make an easy quick mushroom lamb gravy with a can of cream of mushroom soup. I also use the shnks & drippings to turn into a great lamb stew.
    I by these all the time!!! Try them you won’t be sorry!

  8. T. Jackson

    Why don’t they carry this any more?

  9. Dan

    Where are you buying these now?? I am in Michigan and NONE of the Costco’s here sell them anymore.

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