Auga Organic Three Lentil Soup, 5 x 14.1 oz

(19 customer reviews)


19 reviews for Auga Organic Three Lentil Soup, 5 x 14.1 oz

  1. Colin Ebben

    Best Ever for quick meal

  2. Jeff kozak

    Please restock !! And add the curry and beet root

  3. Anna

    Dear friends, do you have Three lentil Soup , organic AUGA? I am a Costco member and I am looking this soup. Please let me know how ro get it. Thank you. Anna

  4. Denise

    I too need to find out where I can buy this soup. I first bought it at Costco around last Dec/Jan

  5. Kathy Schommer

    Can I purchase on line at Costco?

    Thank you,

  6. Eric

    Does this soup have garlic or onion seasoning?

  7. Nisi

    How do I buy this again?? This was amazing

  8. Marilyn Hamburg

    Who does the taste tests for this company? This is truly a terrible tasti ng soup. Sorry to have purchased it.

  9. Laury

    I’m obsessed with this soup. Please get it back. What is the problem?! I need this soup!!!!

  10. Bret

    Please restock!

  11. Sal

    I’ll been going all the Costco of South Florida I can’t find this three lentil soup any more please restocked is the best soup let me know when you get back

  12. Grant Montrose

    I go to the Costco in North Georgia. Bought this soup there but can’t find it any more. When are you going to get it back in stock?????

  13. John Hovland

    Love this soup!

  14. Taylor

    BRING THIS BACK NOW!!!… pretty please haha! It’s so good!!! Ahhhh

  15. Mary

    Please bring this back. It’s so good!

  16. Bill B.

    Best Lentil Soup ever, high in fiber and very tasty. Hopefully they’ll restock soon.

  17. Bonnie Parker

    This lentil soup is better than any other! I am so disappointed it’s no longer at my Costco! Please restock!!

  18. J. Frechter

    Loved this and my store says its no longer a Costco food item. mPlease bribng it back or restock.

  19. Jeff Robins

    This is great soup. My Costco stocks it one week per year. Huh????????? Why can’t we have this every week? How about purchasing online?

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