Bake Believe Dark Chocolate Chips, 2 lbs

(29 customer reviews)


29 reviews for Bake Believe Dark Chocolate Chips, 2 lbs

  1. Karen

    These are wonderful !! Please bering them back in stock !!

  2. Luann Pouliot

    Please bring these back in stock!

  3. Holly

    Please get these back in stock! They are the best sugar free chocolate chips out there and we go through a lot of them.

  4. Darlene

    These need to come back! Like so many other sugar-free/keto items, you had them for a short time and then stopped carrying them. I also miss the Sweet Cinnamon Keto Glazed Pecans, Almond Crackers in the bag, and refrigerated low-carb noodles you used to carry!

  5. AKE

    Costco – get back on board and be consistent with carrying healthy sugar free, dairy free and low sodium foods. The Bake Believe Dark Chocolate chips ARE the best sugar, diary and sodium free food that tastes like REAL chocolate!!!
    Also bring back the SO DELICIOUS UNSWEETENED COCONUT MILK 6 units to a case!!!! C’mon get with it!!!

  6. Marianne Krell

    Please bring back these chips!!!!

  7. Cathy Rowan

    Are these chips coming back?

  8. Angie

    Will you be restocking these??

  9. Debi

    These are the best chocolate chips! Please bring them back!

  10. CJ

    These are great chocolate chips!! Please have them in the stores again!!

  11. Toni Taylor

    Brong back the sugar free baking dark chocolate chips NOW!

  12. Grace

    Yes! Please bring these back to your in store shelves. They are the best for baking, making candy, keto bars. Great for vegans. Great for snacks. Making trail mix, even hot chocolate! We miss you chocolate morsels!!

  13. Gloria Heister

    Please carry these chocolate chips in Hillsboro Oregon. Thank you Costco!!!

  14. Joanne

    Please carry Bake Believe chocolate chips in East Peoria, IL.

  15. Nick Benson Sr

    Bring these back!

  16. Elena Anderson

    So disappointing, that you don’t have “Bake Believe “ chocolate chips anymore. Everything is packed with sugar, there is no escape. Those chocolate chips was such pleasure to snack on. I hope Costco brings them back! Pretty please!!!!

  17. Pete

    These were great! Would like to see them in Covington store

  18. Sheng Huang

    This sugar free chocolate is excellent. Please bring back

  19. Walter Devisser

    Bring these back

  20. Cheryl

    Please bring back Bake Believe dark chocolate no sugar added baking chips!

  21. Lisa

    Please bring these back to Idaho!

  22. Kim Miller

    These chocolate chips are the best!! Pleases bring them back and the cauliflower chips also!!!!

  23. Chris Creter

    Please bring these back to Connecticut!!

  24. Zsofia T Csikos

    I used to buy these keto chips all the time. Now Costco don’t carry them anymore. Why?! Please, bring it back! The Dark Chocolate version! Too much shitty sugary stuff at the store.

  25. Gil Huppert

    bring these back they were great

  26. Vicki

    Please bring back Bake Believe Dark Chocolate Chips to Minnesota Costco stores.

  27. Marlene

    Best Sugar Free chips EVER!
    Please start stocking regularly

  28. Cheryl

    PLEASE bring back!!!

  29. Petra Croucher

    Please bring back Bake Believe chocolate chips to Costco Los Angeles area (Hawthorne). Thank you.

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