Balance Grow Vegetable Seaweed Roll, 55 ct

(8 customer reviews)


8 reviews for Balance Grow Vegetable Seaweed Roll, 55 ct

  1. Debbie

    I had high hopes for these but I was disappointed. I thought there would be a lot more vegetables but they are 95% glass noodles, makes for a mushy inside. The wrap part is crispy and tasty. If you’re looking for something that’s mostly glass noodles you will like these. But if you’re wanting more vegetable filling, these aren’t for you

  2. Jay

    I need more this!! this is so good but I CAN’T find any costco or even asian markets around my place.
    Please put this back!!

  3. Alicia Crockett

    I really loved these rolls and hope you bring them back Costco.

  4. Radhika

    I loved these and couldn’t find them in Costco .

  5. Sandra Stollman

    Please bring them back to Costco–or elsewhere! I love them and can’t find them–been looking for more than a year!

  6. Mariana

    I need these. Please bring them back

  7. Rose

    Please bring these back!

  8. Tch

    Does anyone have a line on aplace that might still sell this product?

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