Banh Pia Hopia Cake, 12 ct


4 reviews for Banh Pia Hopia Cake, 12 ct

  1. Jingchen Li

    Would like to buy some!!!

  2. Shirley M

    Love this Bahn Pia Hopia cake .. my family loves the taste .Will buy it . It’s delicious ..Was very disappointed .. nothing found in Costco regular warehouse even in the business warehouse . . Let us know when you stock them back please

  3. Ellen

    Love them, but Costco employee told me they aren’t carrying them anymore. Please bring them back!

  4. Al Hacker

    So devastated not to find Banh Pia Hopia cakes in durian flavor at Costco yesterday. I only bought 1 pkg in Dec 22!
    Please renew your contract and stock up on these delicious cakes! Any flavor but durian is my favorite
    I also love your coconut crispy rolls with blk sesame seeds!!!

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