Blue Hill Bay Smoked Whitefish Salad, 32 oz

(9 customer reviews)


9 reviews for Blue Hill Bay Smoked Whitefish Salad, 32 oz

  1. Isabel

    I live in Aliso Viejo.
    I am a Costco member.
    Aliso Viejo Costco does not have white fish salad

    How do I order it.

  2. Charles Merson

    Used to be able to pick up this whitefish salad in Dallas. Now having a hard time finding it. Thanks Brandon.

  3. Amy

    Do you sell Blue Hill Bay smoked whitefish salad at the Costco Business Center in Lawndale, CA?

  4. mark

    Costco in Wheaton, Maryland and Gaithersburg, MD. still carry this product. I have to ship it to Fla.

  5. mark

    I love this smoked whitefish salad

  6. Andrea Diamond

    I live near 2 Costco locations in northern NJ (Wayne and East Hanover) that usually carry this product. Both were out of it recently. Is there a shortage?

  7. Ted Port

    Just bought this item in Yonkers, NY and the price was$14.99. What gives??

    • CostcoFDB

      The price has increased since we added the product to our food database (unaffiliated with Costco). We try our best to provide accurate prices for all items.

  8. Alan Meyers

    I love this but our Costco (Everett MA) hasn’t had it for months, and I was told they may not carry it anymore…true??☹️

  9. Harold Friedman

    Bring this product back to Salt Lake City. It’s a family favorite.

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