Butchers Naturals Duck Jerky Dog Treats, 40 oz

(37 customer reviews)


37 reviews for Butchers Naturals Duck Jerky Dog Treats, 40 oz

  1. Mindy Lakin

    My dog loved it!
    I hope that Costco will stock this item.

  2. YV

    My dog is obsessed! Please stock

  3. Cherie

    Both of my dogs as well as my son’s two dogs love this . Please bring it back to Costco!!

  4. Helene

    My dogs love this product. I would appreciate it if you will stock it again

  5. Kate

    My dogs love this. Please bring it back!

  6. Cecile T

    My 2 dogs LOVED these and now they’ve disappeared! Please restock asap!

  7. Kendra Tate

    My dogs love these treats! I went to buy more and there were none in stock. Please buy more!

  8. Kelley Harris

    These treats made my dog super sick

  9. Kenia Garcia

    Hello, my three dogs are obsessed with these treats and they and me would appreciate if you guys stocked up on this product! Please and thank you.

  10. Julie A

    My dog loves these as well. We just finished the bag and I went back to Costco and NO MORE!! Why?!?! We want them back.

  11. Loretta Moore

    Bring back duck jerky by this company PLEASE!

  12. Kia Henry

    The first time our baby Coco laid her eyes on these she fell in love with them and now Costco doesn’t sell them anymore. Costco please reconsider carrrying these in your stores again please??!!

  13. Mel Libman

    My two dogs love this treat. Please let me know when you have them in the store again

  14. Denize

    Can’t even find them in duck anywhere on internet. Suspicious.

  15. Tracy Geiser

    My dog loved these. I have 4 more in a pkg and are treating them like gold since we can’t find anywhere else. Please restock these!

  16. Tammy

    The dogs loved these

  17. Jake

    Hey Costco! I’ll fly the plane to Germany to pick these up!! EVERYBODY wants them for their dogs!!! Mine is crazy about these!!!

  18. Jerry

    These “ear shaped” duck jerky treats are our dog’s favorite. The kids call out… “Duck Ears” and our dog comes running for them!

  19. Dean nelson

    Please bring back to your stores my dogs absolutely love it

  20. J

    My Costco was out as of this week. My dogs are very sad now.

  21. Greeta

    Where can I buy this my little toy poodle loves these.?

  22. Mm

    One of the best healthy dog treats. Please bring them back

  23. Lynn

    beware! these treats gave my dog bloody diarrhea. give with extreme caution!

  24. Beth

    Please keep these in stop. Healthy choice and my dog LOVES them.

  25. hao

    my dog like this food

  26. Terri Atwell

    Please bring these back in stock! My dog has food allergies and this is a treat she can eat without problems and she loves them!

  27. Ginny

    Please please bring this back to your store

  28. Kaitlyn

    Yes, please bring these back to Costco! Amazing deal, and must have for my puppy! She is obsessed, and they are so healthy!

  29. Amanda H

    My dogs have extremely limited diets do to food alergy. The duck Jerky is one of the only affordable treats I can give them. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!

  30. roberta

    Yes, made in Germany BUT where is the duck sourced from?

  31. Kathy

    Please bring back the Butcher’s Naturals duck Jerky dog treats. PLEASE

  32. Lori

    Please stock this on a regular basis. My dogs are addicted to this. Dog-Crack! I went to the warehouse today for this specifically, and was disappointed that it wasn’t there! Obviously a popular product! 🐾🐶

  33. Al

    Please stock the Butchers Naturals duck jerky dog treats, they’re the best. At the Clarkston store

  34. Jill Wagner

    My dogs, brothers dogs, neighbors dogs, love this product. Please Stock! Went to three different Costco’s, can’t find it. Please bring it back.

  35. LaVonda

    Please stock this Costco. My 4 rescues love ❤️ 😍 💖 ❣️ it

  36. Linda Thomas

    Our Newfoundland loves these.

  37. Jimmy

    If you tell one of the managers (people in red vests) they may bring it in.

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