C-Weed Snack Organic Seaweed Bugak Chip, 5.29 oz

(10 customer reviews)


10 reviews for C-Weed Snack Organic Seaweed Bugak Chip, 5.29 oz

  1. Julie Nguyen

    Very good for chips

  2. S. E.

    Very good, but I couldn’t find them the next time I went to Costco! I don’t like how they keep moving things around at Costco!

  3. LINO

    Please check your stocks for this products(organic cweed BUGAK CHIPS 5.29OZ.,,,AND ALSO MENS DOVE’S ,GREEN,ITS ALWAYS OUT OF STOCK

  4. Helen

    Hi i want to know How i can order this chips how many bags u can deliver

  5. Mag

    Love these chips. Wish Costco would restock them

  6. Marilyn

    We love these organic seaweed bugak chips C-Weed Snacks by Kwon’s Gim. Now we can’t find them at Costco. Please tell Costco to restock !!!!!

  7. Karin Stilson

    I understand these organic bugak chips are seasonal. Do you have any way to keep them in stock. I’m hooked on them. Please find some for those of us who love them. PLease

  8. Reuben OBRYANT

    Can’t find them in store

  9. Alice

    Things change so much. Things like go back to buy are gone, like the seaweed bugak chips, the hot chocolate drops. It’s annoying when you want more and they’re not there. I understand seasonal. But. If people like them….CARRY IT!!!!

  10. LV

    I was addicted to these and usually finish the bag in a week. They stopped restocking these at my local Costco. I was so sad TwT. PLEASE RESTOCK AT GESSNER COSTCO

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