Campo Viojo Cava Brut Reserva, Spain, 750 ml


1 review for Campo Viojo Cava Brut Reserva, Spain, 750 ml

  1. Henry Carbo

    To whom it may concern at Costo,
    I am extremely disappointed Costco no longer offers this product in their membership clubs. When Costco first open their clubs, they offered quality products (great brands) specially with the liquor and wines. Some of these brands have been taking out from the membership clubs for good unless, members request their return to the shelves.
    I hope those who are responsible for choosing which product gets deleted from inventory, to be more knowledgeable about the product getting deleted from the system.
    Here is a good example of a deleted product which I had purchase on various occasions and is no longer in the clubs.
    Gran Campo Viejo
    Brut Reserva
    750 ml
    Price $7.99
    This product is really good for any occasion and taste great. It is of great quality and to be honest, I really think and hope Costco brings this product back.

    Thank you for your attention,

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