Cannoli Factory Cannoli Kit With Cream 32 Oz


7 reviews for Cannoli Factory Cannoli Kit With Cream 32 Oz

  1. Madely

    When is this product coming back to Costco, they are delicious.

  2. Pat Podsiadly

    Why can’t the retail locations carry them for the holidays?

  3. Frances

    I bought these at Costco several yrs. ago and loved them. As usual they stopped getting them in. The ones I make taste just like these, but these are easier. Where do I get these from, I live in Salem Oregon. Please help. Thank you

  4. Cheryl

    Harry & David sell these same cannoli kits on line for $50

  5. anita

    how can I order the cannoli kits

  6. Linda

    This Cannoli kit is the best!
    Even the kids have fun making them. And the best part is you make them and eat them and they are always crunchy. The kid also makes a great gift

  7. Lou C

    The Cannoli’s are excellent n convenient! They taste delicious! My only problem is that there used to be 2 separate bags of Cannoli cream instead of the one large bag! The 2 bags were much more convenient in case you wanted to use only 12 Cannoli’s at a time.

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