Cascadian Farm Organic Blbry Almond Crunch, 2 X 17 oz

(14 customer reviews)


14 reviews for Cascadian Farm Organic Blbry Almond Crunch, 2 X 17 oz

  1. Dennis Redies

    This was a great cereal, please start sell this again!

  2. Robert Moseley

    Typical Costco BS Cascadian Farm Organic Blbry Almond Cereal stock for 2 weeks then its gone forever. However, items they nobody buys are always in stock.

  3. Eve

    Why! This was a great, tasty, healthy cereal. At least try – do a free sample and get people to try it without just cancelling it in such a short time. I’m so disappointed.

    Thin Addctions biscotti-like cookies, too. The mango ones were amazing, and low in sugar.

  4. Amy Larson

    I went to your store specifically to buy this great cereal and it’s not there! Please, please carry it again! Let me know if you do and I will buy a case.

  5. Tamico Stubblefield

    I love this cereal. Please bring this cereal back again!!!!

  6. Jackie Olson

    I have only found this once in my local store and then I could never find it again Please please bring this cereal back!

  7. D Guillory

    Ditto all the above. This is a great cereal, but no longer on the shelf. Why?

  8. Michelle

    My friend told me how amazing this was so I tried it and absolutely loved it. There were times I ran to Costco just for this cereal. PLEASE start carrying it again!!!

  9. Max Orloff

    The best cereal ever. Get it back!

  10. Denise

    Costco, Please Pretty Please bring back this cereal! It is delicious !

  11. Clark

    This was by far the best breakfast cereal I’ve ever eaten. Once I tried it I never ate any other cereal. Please bring it back

  12. Sam

    Bought a box on a trip to Costco with my dad. Liked it so much , I bought my own Costco membership but they no longer carry it.

  13. Shannon

    My favorite cereal! Please bring it back!!!!

  14. Martin Kornbluth

    Cascadian Farm organic Blueberry Almond Crunch 2Lbs 2Oz – Loved this cereal- please carry it again.

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