Catalina Crunch Cinnamon Toast Cereal, 20 oz

(5 customer reviews)

5 reviews for Catalina Crunch Cinnamon Toast Cereal, 20 oz

  1. Allan

    Costco New Orleans has no stock of this product. I eat it regularly. Please restock it. Thanks!

  2. V Obrien

    Please restock it. Very good. You get people to try it then discontinue. Why

  3. James Barnhart

    Please stop discontinuing Catalina Crunch cereal. (cinnamon toast)

  4. JoAnn Wood

    Please bring this large bag Catalina Crunch back! I was buying it all the time before it disappeared!

  5. Sandy

    Please bring this back! Why would you discontinue carrying this cereal? It’s the only KETO cereal that isn’t made up of nuts. Not everyone likes nuts. Just sayin’.

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