Chamba Chai Spiced Chai Tea, 4 lb

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8 reviews for Chamba Chai Spiced Chai Tea, 4 lb

  1. Joe


  2. Lee

    How can I buy the chamba chai spiced

  3. Janet Apple

    When is chamba chai mix going to be in stock?I need 4 of them.. please notify me when I can purchase them.. thank you…

  4. Judy Hansen

    Love, love , love the Chamba Chai spiced Chai Latte drink mix. The past couple of years I have been down in Arizona and I’ve always been able to get the Chamba Chai mix. I have contacted the Costco in Spokane Valley, WA. and was told that they do not carry this product. Please help me to know who to contact so I can order a couple of 4 lb bags. Thank you

  5. cll

    Will. You be getting Chamba Chai Spiced Cha Latte Drink in you Middleton and Verona locations.fingers crossed..

  6. Armando Davalos

    The best drink

  7. Don

    I live in Las Vegas and have been told that the product is seasonal and will be available sometime in Fall. The last time I picked up a 4lb bag it was around $10. So watch the prices you see online from people and other stores saying it is anywhere from $16 to $28 each.

  8. Lisa


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