Cirio Italian Sweet Corn 12/10 Oz (7.5 Lbs)

(7 customer reviews)


7 reviews for Cirio Italian Sweet Corn 12/10 Oz (7.5 Lbs)

  1. WDB

    Some of the sweetest and firmest kernels ever.

  2. Bruce moreland

    Need to restock!

  3. Jim

    Why doesn’t COSTO ever stock this in Idado Falls Idado?

  4. Dawn

    Love this corn best ever! How can I order cases of it.?

  5. Lisa

    How can I order this. The best.

  6. Mary Muellet

    I’ve been waiting for Costco to restock this product because it is fabulous! How can I get it?

  7. Dan Woodcock

    Like Mary I need to restock my Cirio Corn. When will you restock your shelf .
    How can we order more?

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