Dct Foods Organic Dried Garlic, 10.93 oz

(19 customer reviews)


19 reviews for Dct Foods Organic Dried Garlic, 10.93 oz

  1. Donna Sherwood

    You need to bring these back into your stock… They are currently deleted in Billings Montana. I buy them by the case!
    People ate more garlic they would be healthier… Lol have less friends… But be healthier

  2. Gene Meyer

    These are a great snack

  3. Brittany

    Please bring these back to your store in Jacksonville, Florida. I love these and hit a few other people hooked on them as well. Sadly we’re all upset to see them gone off the shelves.

  4. Dhiren Desai

    Yes, I completely agree. Please bring these back to your store in Alpharetta, Georgia or online.

  5. Linda

    Love the DCTFoods Dried Organic Garlic. Please bring them back to Brandon Florida Costco or Online.

  6. Jen

    I bought the last bag of this stuff at Gate Costco in Jacksonville FL, and am now trying to find more. Addictive and so good for you. I need more right now!

  7. Nancy

    Yes this was the best soup topping, salad topping, potato topping, asparagus topping stuff that I’ve ever had. I love it and I’m just about out. I can’t find it anywhere else.

  8. Sarah

    Out of stock in Pooler GA too….Need them back! They are amazing!

  9. Please restock! I can not get enough for my family!

    Love them in soups,salads and snacks! Please restock!

  10. Janet lee

    Love this stuff I’d buy a case if I could find it

  11. Joansie P

    PLEASE bring these back to the Cypress Lake Fort Myers, Fl. Store. I love these and would buy a case if I could find them.

  12. Chris M

    Another big fan whole-heartedly agreeing with everyone else that these incredible snacks need to make a comeback. Pl-e-e-e-e-ase!

  13. Cynthia Golpe

    I need more of these. Please bring them back to saratoga springs utah.

  14. Cindy

    Please, Please bring back the dried organic garlic to the Clearwater, FL store!
    So disappointed when I cannot to find them!!

  15. crystal

    Yes, could you please get these back in stock. I have several friends and family hooked on them.

  16. Tim Graff

    Please bring this back. Great snack!

  17. Shelley A Paxton

    I’m still searching for these. LOVED them. Please bring them back. I too would buy a case! I love to share good products with friends and family; but, I I did share some of my last bag. And now I know it was my LAST bag.

  18. Nadja

    Bring them back the Tamp area! They are so good!

  19. Rich Lynn

    Please burg them back to Charleston, SC

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