Del Real Foods Green Chicken Pozole, 48 oz

(7 customer reviews)


7 reviews for Del Real Foods Green Chicken Pozole, 48 oz

  1. Cynthia Cardiel

    I love this Chicken Pozole BUT I no more than purchased & my local store no longer carried –Please bring it back!!!

  2. Joanie Virgili

    If Costco doesn’t have it. Where can we get the Chicken Pozole

  3. john

    were can we buy your pozole ?

  4. Elizabeth Bloom

    Please bring back the pozole

  5. Donna Rivera

    Yes PLEASE bring it back to Costco. Where can I buy it? I’ve been looking EVERYTIME I go

  6. Tina

    Does Costco no longer carry the Chicken Pozole??

  7. Linda

    I am so disappointed that I can no longer find this it was without a doubt the best chicken pozole I have ever come across even in restaurants please stock it

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