E.D. Smith Michigan Cherry Spread, 40 oz

(27 customer reviews)


27 reviews for E.D. Smith Michigan Cherry Spread, 40 oz

  1. Sandy

    Awesome and very low sugar

  2. CL Topliff MD

    I OOVE this. Best jam ever!!!
    Pk sae make it available year round!!!

  3. Josephine Pape

    Where can I buy this from Cotsco?

  4. Stephanie

    Great flavor! Can put this on so many different things. Please make this available year around!

  5. Mary

    Is the ED Smith reduced sugar cherry preserves available in your warehouse stores or online. I would like to order, but not sure how to do as there is no cart to add product to.

  6. Josephine Pape

    Why am I not able to find this at my Cotsco?
    I bought some and wanted more, and it says it’s in stock, but I can’t find out where!!!

  7. Dgray

    Need to state where to find it or arrange for orders. Sooo many want it. Amazon has sent 2 orders, both with broken jars.

  8. Lynn Vittengl

    This is the best fruit spread from ED Smith yet! They are all good, but Michigan Cherry outranks them all. PLEASE get us as much as possible!!! It’s very popular and hard to get when it’s on the shelves. Thank you.

  9. Patty Rubino

    Like others, I also would love to see this in Costco on a regular basis. Stopped today to buy another jar because it was so good!!! It was nowhere to be found. So sad!

  10. Trish Rose

    Where can I find E.D. Smith cherry Jelly around Orlando Florida

  11. Diane

    Best jam I’ve ever eaten. Not too sweet — you can even taste the cherries!

  12. Karen

    Love, love the E.D. Smith Michigan Cherry Preserve. Hoping it becomes available at Costco soon.

  13. Bonnie Dankert

    Writing to ask when this item will be back in stock by mail-order or at the Traverse City Michigan Costco. Please let me know.
    Thank you.

  14. Jim Hawkins

    The best! How can I order it?

  15. Anita

    Best jam ever!!!! please please get it back in stores – I’m in Southeast Michigan area!!!

  16. Vicky

    Yes, this is the BEST jam, please stock this again!

  17. Michelle

    Please, please, please restock E.D. Smith Jam. I go just for that Jam and introduce that product to plenty of members that love it!!!!!!! Hope that this will help and you listen to your members !!!! Thanks, Michelle

  18. Cheryl

    Like everyone else, this is no where to be found. It is crazy how you cannot buy this product but everyone loves it. Please get these to the stores for the holidays. I’ve tried over a dozen in 3 states, no E D Smith.

  19. Merrianne

    The bestest of the best. Love this low sugar fruit filled jelly.

  20. Sue A.

    I wish you would carry the E.D. Smith Michigan Cherry preserves again. I have bought 2-4 jars each time it is in stock. I bump into people in the stores who are also looking for this item. Please get them into the stores before the holidays.. I would buy a case.
    I called the mfg. and was told it was only made for Costco. Please reconsider carrying the Michigan Cherry Preserves again!
    Sue A.

  21. Robyn Refsguard

    Wondering where I can buy the Michigan Cherry jam in Green Bay, Wi

  22. Iris Fryc

    Please – please restock this great tart cherry spread from E.D. Smith. I buy ten jars each time you offer this great product!
    Why isn’t this available Fall of 2022??

  23. matt johnson

    E.D. Smith Michigan Cherry Jam with reduced sugar is so good. I have to admit the canadiens can get some things done right. The only cherry jam better than this was from Michigan by the locals. Costco please restock this product or find an alternative.

  24. Derek

    Costco needs to stock this on a full time basis. Haven’t found it there in about a year in the Mesa AZ area Costco stores. Not sure if will come back or has been permanently discontinued. Any further information about status would be greatly appreciated.

  25. Nancy

    The best for tarts,pies and cobblers

  26. Bob

    E D Smith fruit spread CHERRY BLUEBERRY — SOOO GOOD

  27. Danielle H

    Amazing! Love that it is low sugar and so flavorful. Can be used so many different ways. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start carrying this year-round or at least have it to where you can buy online.

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