Edward Marc Peanut Brittle Bites, 16 oz

(10 customer reviews)


10 reviews for Edward Marc Peanut Brittle Bites, 16 oz

  1. Wayne Doman

    Wonderful peanut butter & toffey mix flavor in bite sized chunks! We’re looking for more!

  2. Joanne Morris

    These are so crazy delicious. I hope Costco makes this a staple. I am telling everyone about them

  3. Janice

    Not at the Lodi Costco 😞. Not at the Almaden Costco 😞.

    I know other Costcos have them.

  4. Elaine M Hamlin


  5. Joanne Morris

    Where can we purchase these if Costco does not continue to sell them?

  6. ken

    Great product!

  7. Carolyn Mburu

    I love this product! It’s so delicious!!! I’m sad that Coasto doesn’t carry it anymore 😔
    Why can’t Costco make it a staple as someone pointed out earlier?
    I have driven to 3 Costco’s looking for this product…

  8. Dottie Wright

    Come on Costco, please get these back in stock. They are delicious and addictive. PLEASE!

  9. Donna

    These are absolutely delicious and got me to visit Costco more frequently. I can’t believe they’re gone now.

  10. John Palazzoli

    These are the best ever and Costco doesn’t have them anymore. Need to know where I can get them at that price. Online from the manufacturer they’re triple the price

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