Ferrarini Italian Butter, 3 X 250 g

(9 customer reviews)


9 reviews for Ferrarini Italian Butter, 3 X 250 g

  1. Jon

    How do I buy this wonderful butter?

  2. Yolanda McKay

    Bought this, it tastes terrible. Could not eat the pastries made with it. I threw out a pound of it after using one stick. Sounds good, tastes bad!

  3. Deanna

    Best butter I have ever had!!!

  4. Lourdes

    The best butter in the world. I can’t find it in my city, and still I am always trying to. Bought it once in New York.

  5. Lee Ann Stearnes

    I need this butter in Memphis, TN. It is sooo good. Bought in LA and brought home but cannot find it anywhere local

  6. Evelyn Willis

    Where can I get this butter Ferrarini in Southern California?

  7. Christine G

    You can find it at Jon’s Markets all over the city. It’s an international market and they have other European butters

  8. Caroline

    I am in northern Colorado. Does anyone know where I can purchase this delicious butter? I am very sorry Costco stopped carrying it.

  9. Edie

    It’s in stock at the Costco San Juan Capistrano California.

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