Fotis & Sons Mediterranean Olive Tapenade, 32 oz

(8 customer reviews)


8 reviews for Fotis & Sons Mediterranean Olive Tapenade, 32 oz

  1. Pamela

    This is a totally scrumptious tapenade. Nice oil level, and just juicy, and yummy.

  2. Mary Margaret

    What Costco carries this? Mine doesn’t. It used to, but no longer does and the staff at the counter couldn’t locate any information for me. I fear my only option is to pay the huge online price, or go to Fotis & Sons in Huntington Beach, Ca and buy it there. Since I travel to Anaheim anyway, HB isn’t that much further, but come on … I swear! If I like a product it’s a sure kiss of death for it!!!

  3. Maria Caccamise

    When will Costco have Fotis & Sons stock Olive tapenade again? It is the best tapenade and should not be seasonal product.
    San Diego Ca

  4. Maria

    I had the $14.95 plus shipping of $20 within Ca. Then pay another $16.10 to ship it to my friends in western my because Costco doesn’t have the smarts to stock it all year. It amazes me who hires these marketing people.
    Unbelievable!!when in Costco season it is $4.95. My friends in Hawaii don’t have it at all. Wondering when Costco opens in Buffalo NY and competes with BJ’s what their marketing people will do??

  5. Jeannine Roy

    Madam, Sir,

    I leave in Quebec City and I would like to order jars of Olive tapenade 907 mL Fotis Fine Foods. Can I order some from you? I could not find it in Quebec City and Montreal.
    Thank you
    Jeannine Roy

  6. Starr Strut

    This is the best tapenade in the USA . Please bring it back to Costcos

  7. Rosemary McQuinney

    HELLO!!!! When this numerous amount of customers want this product from Costco,
    why in the world would you not carry it? Yes, it is the best tapenade in the country.

  8. Mie Kimura

    I really like this products. But I can’t find at Costco Hawaii. Checked all 4 locations, can’t find it. Try to order by on line. Can’t find it either. Question. Can I go to my local store n I can order this .?

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