Fresh Start Organic Tropical Smoothie, 6 x 8 oz.

(13 customer reviews)


13 reviews for Fresh Start Organic Tropical Smoothie, 6 x 8 oz.

  1. aqil

    awesome stuff

  2. George

    Best smoothie mix I have tried. Unfortunately it has been out of stock at my Costco since Feb-17

  3. Toyya Cole


  4. Scott Hamlong

    Need to keep in stock. Or order online

  5. Carie Gordy

    Why in the world would you stop selling such an amazing product? Please bring it back!

  6. AP

    BRING IT BACK!!! Only smoothie mix I’ve ever loved.

  7. Shannon

    Put this back in stock in Alaska…. stop dicking us around. It’s a great product then you stop buying it…why why why why

  8. Maria Loveless

    Need more!!! Love these!!

  9. Patricia Rokstad

    Please bring these back! All you stock are ones with berries, and I can’t have any tiny seed berries. These are so awesome. Too expensive and time consuming to buy everything to make them myself. Please, you can clearly see, every one loves these, it’s not like you’d have any problem selling them. You’re only problem is keeping them in stock.

  10. Tonya

    I love the Green smoothie tropical mix… I am allergic to Bananas, so it works great for me. Please bring it back, I had a smoothie every morning, and I am missing this one it has everything you need…

  11. Ashley

    Best smoothie ever! Why can I no longer find it?

  12. Cassie

    Not sure how anyone could like this. I enjoy fruit/veggie smoothies and this has the worst after taste. I don’t know what it’s from because the ingredients are all things I’ve used before. So odd. Truly disgusting.

  13. Jody Schnoor

    Please, bring it back

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