Genius Gourmet Keto Bar Variety 21.5 Oz (1.343 Lbs)

(7 customer reviews)


7 reviews for Genius Gourmet Keto Bar Variety 21.5 Oz (1.343 Lbs)

  1. hennery

    nice product from where we can buy

  2. Lisa Hyder

    Do you have these in stock? I bought them at the Charlotte NC and can’t find them online.

  3. emily olivier

    live in Wisconsin, bought some in Florida. Online order?? Very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Emily Lehman

    Great find!! Need more!! My Costco is OUT!!

  5. James King

    Delicious low carb breakfast. A tad overpriced.

  6. Dave LaRose

    Best Protein Bar I’ve ever had as it is Keto friendly. I was buying them at my Costco but they have not been on display my last two trips. Not okay!

  7. Ricard

    Changed the size of the bar in same package!

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