Goolsby’s Country Sausage Patties, 40 oz

(8 customer reviews)


8 reviews for Goolsby’s Country Sausage Patties, 40 oz

  1. Pultea

    Please put these in your LANTANA Florida COSTCO….they are the do carry them in your Southern Blvd. Florida costco

  2. Kasonda Leigh

    These sausages are THE BEST I have ever tasted. Please keep the in stock. Thank you.

  3. Doreen Peterson

    Please put Goolsby Sausage Patties back in your Kendall, Miami Costco. These sausages are soooo good! & the quality is excellent for a pattie type pork sausage. Thank you!

  4. Donna Kanz

    Please supply goolsby sausages back to Coscos at the waterfront, Homestead PA. BESTsausage I ever ate

  5. Cheryl Jackson

    These are the most tasteful sausages I have ever had. Unfortunately they are not available in Arizona. I would like to request adding Goolsby’s Country Sausages to the SW Tucson Costco

  6. Linda

    We LOVE the Goolsbys sausage patties!!
    When we are in Virginia we have to drive 35 miles because the Costco near us doesn’t stick them. Please add them to the Manassas VA Costco.
    Thank You

  7. Jan Jackman

    Please stock Goolsby sausage in Costco stores in Dallas and Plano, Tx.

  8. Lyle Dnglish

    Please stock Goolsby’s Sausage in both of your Louisville, Kentucky stores. It is the BEST!!!

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