Happy Village Organic Dark Sweet Cherries, 64 oz


1 review for Happy Village Organic Dark Sweet Cherries, 64 oz

  1. Teri

    I’m an enthusiastic Costco shopper and my experience is that Costco carefully vets their food sources, but they’ve missed the boat on this product. I’ve bought it twice, hoping each time that the problem was temporary, but alas no. A large fraction of these organic frozen cherries are moldy, and you don’t know it until you put it in your mouth, because they don’t look moldy. But that means I can’t cook with them or put them in a smoothie because I can’t know when a moldy one will get in there. Other Costco frozen fruit I’ve bought have never had this problem. It says it’s packaged at the source, which means in Turkey. Somebody needs to go visit the plant. I’ll continue to buy at Costco because this is the first problem I’ve had, but exhort the company to check into this continuing problem.

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