Harry’s BBQ Baked Beans with Beef Brisket, 32 oz

(9 customer reviews)

9 reviews for Harry’s BBQ Baked Beans with Beef Brisket, 32 oz

  1. Donna McGovern

    I loved these, but can’t seem to find them at my store anymore!!! Where can I go to buy more???

  2. Kathleen Donnelly

    Same here…tried these beans, loved them, went back to buy more and they were not in stock. Please bring them back!

  3. Terri Parfitt

    Agree, love Harry’s BBQ Beans w/brisket. I’m hoping they come back to my Costco in Minnesota SOON! There’s nothing that compares.

  4. Pamela arscott

    Bought these a week ago went back sold out. Why when they sale something so good don’t they continue

  5. Jr

    Great baked beans..can’t find them this year at costco…where can u buy then in NJ

  6. Fran W

    Purchased at Costco in San bernardino. More Syrup than beans. Maybe I got a bad batch. Will not buy again.

  7. Edith Roberts

    Please bring back to Costco in Michigan

  8. Rich

    Discontinued? Why??

  9. Robert Haag

    Great! Where can I get them now that I’m addicted!

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