Kirkland Signature Diet Green Tea, 35 ct

(6 customer reviews)


6 reviews for Kirkland Signature Diet Green Tea, 35 ct

  1. Lisa Graft

    I want this tea and cannot find in Costco stores anymore where can I purchase and not for a ridiculous overprice

  2. Candace

    Please bring the diet green tea back.I would 8 a month we really miss it

  3. Judy Willman

    This was my husband’s go-to drink. He won’t drink other diet products. We really miss having it available at an affordable price!

  4. Jamie Hammock

    Please bring back the Kirkland green tea diet. Its my favorite. I would drink a case a month.

  5. Michael DuRocher

    Why can’t we keep this tea in stock at the Costco warehouse. I go through between 1 and 2 cases a month. Going months without it is annoying, when in stock I buy 4 or 5 cases.

  6. Rita Dowell

    It so upsetting that Amazon, Walmart and other greedy merchants purchase the Kirkand 35ct Green Tea from Costco in great qualities and sell to customers for $35. To $45. Why does Costco sell it to them when the customer could buy at Costco for under $10.00. But very rarely is there any available. We the customers give Costco so much business yet greed plays a part with other merchants.

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