Kirkland Signature Mini Cranberry Orange Bisconie, 12 ct


3 reviews for Kirkland Signature Mini Cranberry Orange Bisconie, 12 ct

  1. Karen

    When will you have Bisconi again.

  2. Linda

    Best of both worlds! I would describe these more as a very flavorful muffin-top. The almost crisp top crust coated with the coarse sugar granules, followed by a very tasty and moist muffin-type interior, all combine to make this an exceptional treat.
    I have frozen them individually and thawed them later at room temp or quickly in the microwave. And they taste as fresh as the day I brought them home.
    Now, if we can just get Costco to stock them regularly please.

  3. Loke

    I am a newbie to the Bisconie! I had these in South Hadley, MA when I visited family for Thanksgiving. These are delicious! To me it reminded me of a Scone-Cookie, but so moist, just right sweetness, and fruity. This is the best winter treat. I wish they had this at ALL Costco locations! I bought a couple boxes before leaving South Hadley and took it back to Jersey. I may drive up again just for these Bisconies!

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