Kirkland Signature Non-Alcoholic Margarita Mix, 2/1.75 L

(18 customer reviews)


18 reviews for Kirkland Signature Non-Alcoholic Margarita Mix, 2/1.75 L

  1. alan

    why is costco not stocking the Kirkland Non-Alcohlic margarita mix

  2. Ron

    where can we find the
    costco not stocking the Kirkland Non-Alcohlic margarita mix

  3. Lisa

    Why did they discontinued the margarita drink mix it seemed to be a very good seller? The wine mix is definitely not the same I like the mix our local stores would also carry your margarita mix but now they can not get it because you discontinued the product can you keep selling it at local liquor stores sense you will not be bringing it back to Costco

  4. Bridget

    We have been looking for the classic lime margarita mix without alcohol at nine different costcos in Arizona and Southern CA. We can’t find them anywhere. They are a staple in our house. Amazon and eBay are selling 2 bottles for $25. Insane! You are still selling the mix with alcohol included……the non alcohol version seems better as it serves all needs. Please restock the shelves!

  5. Daniel Hernandez

    The Kirkland Non-Alcohlic margarita mix is the best. Please bring it back!

  6. Karen Mistina

    Will Costco be carrying the plain margarita mix again or how can we get it now

  7. Dan McNamara

    The non alcoholic mix is the best. Bring back the mix!!!!

  8. Patricia kau

    Need the margarita mix back

  9. Lupe

    Why Costco don,’t sell margarita mix non alcohol?

  10. Eileen

    Kirkland non alcoholic margarita mix is the best !!! I wish Costco would start stocking it again . PLEASE

  11. Sean

    Please bring back the 2 pack of margarita mix! Don’t be like Sams Club, you are better than this!

  12. David towle

    The ready to drink margarita mix sucks. What happened to the two plastic containers of margarita mix? Who makes it, can we order direct?

  13. David towle

    I’ve been using your margarita mix for years and years. Suddenly it’s unavailable. They are trying to pawn off this wine based stuff which is terrible.

  14. Claude Charlespierre

    Worse margarita mix ever,get ride of the organic junk. Bring back the old one

  15. Patty

    The new “organic” margarita mix is awful. Please bring back the original. It was the best.

  16. Cindy

    Loved the margarita mix Costco hsd previously. We stocked up and mixed with water for a nice lime drink. The organic one they have now is awful. No nice lime flavour , more like lake water. Can’t drink this. Disappointed!!!

  17. Phyllis Walker

    Please get rid of that awful organic mix. My family and friends are all talking about the Costco change. Who bad idea was it to make this change?

  18. Carla

    Bring back the margarita mix! It’s the only one we like! We bought a lot of it — please bring it back! Nothing compares

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