Life Crunch Keto Savory Trail Mix, 15 oz

(7 customer reviews)


7 reviews for Life Crunch Keto Savory Trail Mix, 15 oz

  1. Debra Clayton

    We love these nuts. Disappointed that I can no longer find them at our local Costco

  2. AT

    These nuts are really delicious. It‘s too bad that I cannot find them anymore at the store within vicinity. Hope it can be available soon!!

  3. BG

    Best snack ever! No longer at local Costco… please bring ’em back!

  4. Cheree Allen

    Best snack!!! Please bring back!!!

  5. Dave Tahlmore

    Yes, Life crunch keto savory truffle almond peacan trail mix is a wonderful product. But it seems that the manufacturer has stopped making them. If not, please do bring them back!!!

  6. Dolly Davis

    Please bring Life crunch Keto back to Memphis store. I love this snack, but can’t find anywhere.

  7. Matt Rochman

    Bring these back to Costco!

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