Marukyo Of Japan Aji No Meisaku, 20 piece

(4 customer reviews)


4 reviews for Marukyo Of Japan Aji No Meisaku, 20 piece

  1. Carolyn

    These delicate soft cakes are just perfect with a cup of tea. They are delicious! I will most definitely buy more of them if I see them again at Costco in the future.

  2. Marilyn

    What is the Costco warehouse number for this?

  3. Mika Yamane

    This Japanese confectionery lasts only 2-3 days after opening the inner package containing the oxygen scavenger, but no such notice or consumer advise appears anywhere on the package.
    I think Costco should be aware of such potential risk. Following is the link to the manufacturer’s website showing the instructions.
    Otherwise, it is a very good product.

  4. Mika Yamane

    For the previous review, I meant to give 5 stars for the product itself, but I was obviously confused.

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