Menissez Stone Organic Oven Half Baguette, 6 x 4.40 oz. loaves

(35 customer reviews)


35 reviews for Menissez Stone Organic Oven Half Baguette, 6 x 4.40 oz. loaves

  1. Tiffany

    please bring this back!! this is so good

  2. Ry

    Please bring this back to Oahu, Honolulu Costco!

  3. randy vezina

    this product is amazing. please bring it back

  4. Steve

    Please bring this back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I would like to see them back in St Louis. They were delicious.

  6. Liz

    Yes, please stock this item!!!

  7. Dale Mullins

    That bread is delicious bring it back to Santee in California

  8. Yvette Renovato

    looking to find this product. Please bring back!!
    Does anyone else know we can buy these

  9. Ann

    Please bring this delicious bread back to Costco! It is the best store-bought French bread I have ever purchased.

  10. Mark-in-Indy

    These became a staple at our home…while they lasted. Definitely bring them back!

  11. Brenda

    My husband and I begin checking for the Menissez baguettes at Costco in October. It seems this product only shows up on the shelves for the winter holidays. Then we stock up!!!!! Unfortunately, it is never enough and then it disappears from the shelves. Since people eat baguettes throughout the year, we are confused as to why it has not been a Costco staple.
    COSTCO: You have a winning product that will be purchased throughout the year and bring in more income for the company and our appetite pleasure. Seems like a win win!

  12. A.J.

    So good!! Please bring these back! Have looked for them our last 3 trips to Costco — Inver Grove Heights, MN — and they haven’t had them.

  13. Joanna

    So good! Please stock them again!

  14. David Vitali

    Where can I order these when they are out of them at the Costco store?

  15. Jean Saraceno

    I love these baguettes. I get them for us and supply family members with loaves. Please bring them back!

  16. Russell

    This product is fantastic and I regret not purchasing more when they were available. Concur. Bring them back.

  17. John swatek

    Costco replaced these DRY STORAGE baguettes with a FROZEN product. Makes no sense. Everyone is short on freezer space but plenty of dry storage! Why? Costco needs to bring these back. !!

  18. Carol Sherry

    PLEASE bring this product back!!!!!

  19. Lana Hensley

    These are the best! Please bring them year ’round!!!

  20. Lynn

    I 100% agree with everyone. These baguettes are fantastic!! Why would they only be seasonal? They need to be available year round. Frozen items can’t replace these!!

  21. Stacy

    Please bring this item back, year round! It’s the best!!!

  22. Diane russell

    Please bring these baguettes back to the oak Brook Costco. They are delicious and when served with guests at our home they RAVED about them. Please please please bring them back

  23. Robert McBride

    These are great. Bought over 30 packs as they store just about forever. But now down to our last two baguettes. One thing I hate about Costco is they always seem to drop the stuff we like best.

  24. Lisa C

    Please restock this bread, year round! It is so convenient, quick to toast and doesn’t spoil. I’m very disappointed I can’t find it anywhere in St Louis MO

  25. Bob McBride

    As stated before this bread is excellent. Please stock it year round. By the way I noticed that the boxes the bread came in that I was buying had a baked on date in July 2022 and I was buying in in January or February of 2023. Just used up the last loaf and it was still perfect in May of 2023. If they bring it back in 2023 I now know to buy a year supply.

  26. my-yen

    Please bring it back to Fremont Costco 94538. It is very good bread.
    Menissez Stone Oven Half Baguette

  27. Grant K

    Excellent bread. Costco, please bring this back to the East Peoria, IL store!!! And stock it year around.

  28. Jennifer W

    I walk the aisles every visit looking for these. Please bring them back to the Littleton, CO store! It is the best store bought bread I’ve ever had. My family rations them whenever we can get them and I’d buy a pack every week if they were regularly stocked.

  29. Erin Lareau

    Please restock. These are splendid!!

  30. Arielle Morgane

    Perfect for the solo dweller household! PLEASE BRING THESE BACK year round! Helps me NOT waste food (as the larger ones go bad before this single gal can eat it all….esp here in Denver w/like zero humidity!).

  31. Donna Scanlon

    Look at these reviews! Please bring this bread back to the Midwest? They are perfect in every way, taste, size and price for a great product. PLEASE make my day and tell me they will bring them back.

  32. Margaret Neff Jamieson

    The best ever
    Please bring this back and if it’s a issue because of the country, maybe we should make them in the United States

  33. Judy

    Please bring this item back to the St. George Utah Costco. This french baguette is so good and I was so disappointed when it was no longer available.

  34. amy

    This bread was so amazing! I felt like I was back in France! Fresh out of the oven it is crispy and nice and moist inside. Perfect for making subs and Bahn Mi sandwiches!!! So sad it won’t be on the shelves everyday! I am going to try and order it online now because it was that good!!!

  35. Adrian

    can’t wait to buy more!

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