Mission Hill Bistro Brisket Burnt Ends

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7 reviews for Mission Hill Bistro Brisket Burnt Ends

  1. Michele Riddell

    I rarely get a bad item from Costco but these were not good at all. Very chewy/gristly. I used a little less time in the microwave than the directions said with the first half. Thinking the microwave was the problem, I tried the stove top directions with the other half and got the same results. I’m sad that I waisted over $20 on them but glad I can warn my friends.

  2. Matt Mitchell

    These absolutely SUCK!! Most Costco products are actually pretty good. If this is the best they can do for burnt ends they should just not leave it alone. Tough and fatty, I wouldn’t eat these even if they were free.

  3. Brad Kupferberg

    The other comments are spot on. This product is crap. I am surprised that Costco carries it. It is the worst brisket product I have ever had in 70 years. It is about 75percent fat. Costco should get rid of it. The company should be ashamed to sell it.

  4. Ed

    All gristle and fat. Flavor isn’t bad but a mouthful of fat or gristle really makes up for the flavor. Too much salt and you can really taist it. Not worth buying and sure not worth $21. Very disappointed Costco would even carry this.

  5. Jeanie Martin

    These burnt ends were a complete waste of money.
    Way too much fat and very little meat.

  6. PT

    Disgusting! Mostly just fat snd gristle. Probably my worst purchase ever at Costco.

  7. Mike

    I got some pieces that are only fat. I won’t buy them again, it’s almost a scam

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