Okami Chicken Gyoza, 32 Oz

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1 review for Okami Chicken Gyoza, 32 Oz

  1. Mike Hurwitz

    I would rate these 1 out of 10. Largely because they are billed as chicken Gyoza, but have a bad fishy flavor like old fish, fish sauce or fish extract had been added. We threw out the second package of these that came in the wrapper. The label on my package does not mention fish sauce or fish extract or fish, so you may kill some folks who have anaphylaxis from fish and/or shrimp extracts. Overall, a bad experience. Also, why doesn’t Costco, esp. Costco’s in Santa Clara county California, stock Vegetarian Gyoza or Vegetarian pot stickers? There are many people here who don’t eat meat, or don’t eat meat that isn’t halal or kosher. Even more vegetarians in Santa Cruz County. Costco is not being culturally sensitive or smart (i.e. making more money) by this lack of vegetarian Gyoza choice. One of the most disappointing products we purchased at Costco over the last couple of decades.

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