Otter Pops 100% Fruit Juice Variety, 80 x 2 oz

(6 customer reviews)


6 reviews for Otter Pops 100% Fruit Juice Variety, 80 x 2 oz

  1. Amber Bedortha

    These are the best thing ever! I’m hoping they will have them in stock again this year!

  2. Sam U.

    YES! I agree with Amber!
    I keep looking for them everything time I go to the Costco store!
    Everyone loves them too!
    I share with everyone when I have them at home!

  3. Sherry

    I swear they changed recipes this year. I’ve never been allergic to them. Now my tongue and throat is rushed out and swollen. It’s the only thing I’ve had in several hours. So nothing else could be causing allergy.

    I do see citric acid on label. I dont think it was on the pure white labels, but i cant find old packaging labels to verify…. These new ones all have citric acid, they also have orange which I don’t ever remember seeing.

  4. Nikki

    Please bring these back!! My whole neighborhood of kids comes to us for these, the only pops of this type where you can’t suck out the juice and be left with ice in plastic. Otter Pops are the best! Especially the Super Smooth!!

  5. Holly

    Please bring these back! My kids love them and I love them.

  6. D Link

    We love the new formulation, but our Costcos in the Sacramento region no longer stock them. Why? Please bring them back!

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