Pressed Juicery Refreshing Greens Plus, 51 oz


4 reviews for Pressed Juicery Refreshing Greens Plus, 51 oz

  1. Sidra

    Do you know which Costcos carry this juice? They used to sell it at my local Costco, but I don’t see it there anymore. :'(

  2. Mark

    I’ve been trying to get Costco to keep it. They switched from the greens to citrus , I was at the oceanside Ny store last week and they said they were discontinuing selling it . I don’t understand why

  3. Please bring back the Pressed greens with probiotics back

    We loved the Pressed Greens with Probiotics, 51 ounces. Please bring it back. We drank a carton a day, as did many of my neighbors, friends and family.
    Eastvale, California 92880

  4. Bill

    Please why was this discontinued?? Any reason or explanation ???

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