Robinhood Meetinghouse Cream Cheese Biscuits, 24 Count

(15 customer reviews)


15 reviews for Robinhood Meetinghouse Cream Cheese Biscuits, 24 Count

  1. Emily

    Do you have this item at the King of Prussia Costco?


  2. Diana Christian

    Went to Costco in Moore, Ok and looked for Robin hood meetinghouse cream cheese biscuits. Are they going to have anymore and when will they stock them? I need some.

  3. Will

    I was at my Costco in Cedar Park, Tx. to get more of these yummy Biscuits. Just to find out what they are gone at this location. I just happened to be at the other Costco in Pflugerville, Tx. and I was able to get two boxes of them. But it seams that theses biscuits are on the remove list.. Why…, is this…? You’re like a drug dealer… get me hooked on them and then you take them away.. 😢☹️ Please bring them back..
    I need my Cream Cheese Biscuit Fix… lol

  4. Molly

    Bring these back to Costco!!!
    So disappointed to not find them anymore.

  5. Marsha Braud

    Will Costco Baton Rouge, La get this item back? So disappointed it is not in stock anymore. Please bring them back. Thanks

    Marsha Braud

  6. Kathy Shepherd

    Please bring them back, and order extra for the hoarders. Thank you.

  7. Amca

    PLEASE BRING THE Robinhood Meetinghouse Cream Cheese Biscuits, 24 Count BACK!!!

  8. Elizabeth Smelcer

    Please bring these back to the store in North Fort Worth, TX. These are excellent and make a table special.

  9. Nola

    have been looking for them at Richmond CA Costco, too. Aren’t you going to bring them back?

  10. Dinah

    I love, love, love these biscuits. Still haven’t been able to find at my Costco in the Dallas, TX area. Please bring them back!!

  11. Freda

    Love these biscuits! I wish we could get them back in the Dallas area!

  12. Bobby

    Bring back the Robinhood Meetinghouse biscuits!! Come on Costco!

  13. Mary Roach

    I had to order these cream cheese biscuits directly from the company. I paid $100 for two packages of biscuits. This is ashamed. Please bring them they in great demand.

  14. Rita

    These biscuits are the best! I first found them around Thanksgiving. I’m hoping Costco will have them again for the holidays.

  15. Melissa H

    Please please bring these back. It’s not right to get us hooked on them and then take them away. It’s been a couple years now and I can’t find anything comparable. You have ruined all other biscuits for me.

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