Sambazon Organic Dragon Fruit Blend, 64 oz

(22 customer reviews)


22 reviews for Sambazon Organic Dragon Fruit Blend, 64 oz

  1. JoAnn Hardimon

    I just discover this juice at Costco.
    It really helps my gut area.
    I went get some today and they do not know if it is coming back.
    I went online to see if I could order it.
    I hope that you bring it back.

  2. M

    I really am so sad that Costco is no longer carrying Sambazon Dragon Fruit. I support cancer patients and this juice helps with their stomach issues. Please reconsider bringing it back.

  3. Kim

    This is one of the best drinks I ever had. Hopefully Costco will have it again. I don’t think they can keep it in for long because it sells out fast.

  4. Ginnene talbott

    This drink helped my gut issue so much they said they may not carry anymore I’m so sad only thing I found to help.please reconsider bringing it back.

  5. Tiffany

    Whole Foods sells it too. It’s only the 32oz bottle but at least it’s something until Costco decides to bring it back.

  6. Julie

    I just bought this juice at the lake Stevens Costco on sale. It’s super yummy.

  7. Diana

    Love this it help with my stomach pain . Please costco bring it back 🙏

  8. Lucille Dybdal

    excellent product I purchased on sale. EXCELLENT with very little sugar! Went yesterday to purchase more at regular price and found only Sambazon ACAI juice with 27 grams of sugar! I will return it all ASAP. PLEASE BRING BACK THE SAMBAZON DRAGON FRUIT JUICE! PLEASE!!!!

  9. Susan Fair

    Please keep this in stock. It has helped my “gut” immensely just as it claims to do. I dilute it with water and consequently drink more water throughout the day. It also helps my 90 year old diabetic father to drink more.

  10. Debi McG

    I absolutely love this juice. I makes great smoothies. PLEASE do not discontinue this wonderful item.

  11. Sanjiv kumar

    I want to dragon juice, in Costco fresno which store I got it

  12. Srini Kalicheti

    Please stock dragon fruit juice. It is so good for my gut.

  13. AsencionSosa Jr

    Good product I used help me stomach 👍

  14. Jenelle c.

    Love the sambazon dragon fruit berry ginger, please bring it back! I would come by weekly as soon as I discovered it. 😋

  15. Claudia Rockwood

    Costco turned me onto this juice and now I have to go to Whole Foods to get it. Please bring it back!

  16. Patty E.

    This juice has helped my mom a lot. Please bring it back, I look for it every time I am in the store.

  17. Richard

    I asks the question Cosco , are trying to help up? Or just make money from us?
    You can do both! After using the product, and based on the comments I’ve been reading, Dragon Fruit Gut Health, is an amazing product. Please bring back. Thanks

  18. Philip

    Why would Costco discontinue such an amazing product?

  19. Laura T

    I love the 64 oz size! I mix this in with fruits to make my smoothies. I noticed my Costco hasn’t had a few weeks so I checked with customer service today. The associate checked and saw this has been discontinued since June 1,2023. Bummer! Please bring it back!!!

  20. JRidolfi

    please bring this back! it is delicious and has great benefitd

  21. Marianna Robertson

    Costco has added a new dragon fruit juice which is very tasty as well as reasonable price point!!!

  22. richard


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