Sole Bonta Muffuletta Olive Salad, 33.9 oz

(32 customer reviews)


32 reviews for Sole Bonta Muffuletta Olive Salad, 33.9 oz

  1. Alexis Patrissi

    Do you still carry this? Bought it once cannot find it in your store anymore, WHY it was great.

  2. Joan Eichorn

    do you carry this in milford can’t find it in milford ct???

  3. Gloria Gutridge

    When will you carry this in St. Louis again?

  4. Audrey

    Will you carry this again? How can I order this?

  5. Pat

    I bought this Olive Salad(muffuletta) at the Costco in Maple Grove , Mn. 55336. Not unlike a lot of things that we purchase, when you return for it, it’s no longer available. We are hoping that it will be restocked in our location. We are really hoping to purchase it again. Next time we will stock up on it. We are Greek and really enjoyed it. Lesson learned!!! Thanks …. Pat

  6. Angela

    Went to Costco in Norwalk Ct, and couldn’t find it. Are you gonna get it back, if so, when?

  7. Judy

    I bought this in Omaha, Ne. And can. NOT find it again. Please bring this back. I loved it!

  8. Robin Uhrig

    Please bring this back! A family favorite!!

  9. Delmira Jenkins

    Why is this not carried it on a regular basis

  10. Lorine B

    WHY is this no longer in NJ? your supplier said that it would be reinstated soon….?? it’s been a year, and a lot of us are interested, clearly.

  11. Kevin

    This is great for cooking too. It’s phasing out of Costco in Colorado Springs. Please carry again!

  12. Jennifer Panuski

    Arizona state wide does not have it anymore. Please tell me how I can order it. Best product ever.

  13. Craig kjell

    Great product
    What I hate about Costco is that when you find a great product you may never see it again.

  14. Bernice Thompson

    Please bring this back! Love this product

  15. Dominic Cannizzaro

    I bought this in NY, can it be ordered to NC Costco?

  16. Baron Smith

    The Costco in Scottsdale carries this but only once in a while do I find it in stock. Haven’t seen it there in a few months – I hope it comes back soon.

  17. Lisa

    I have bought many jars at my CT stores, but now have moved to Sarasota, FL.
    Please tell me if it will be available in Sarasota or Bradenton stores, and when!!!
    It is addictive.

  18. Kim Burke

    I have bought a few jars in the last year and now that I have a few people ask if I can pick it up for them Costco isn’t carrying it any more. I hope it comes back

  19. Steve

    Can’t find it at my local Costco anymore. I usually keep 2 or 3 jars at home. Please bring it back!

  20. sidney

    Great stuff. Can’t find it in store.

  21. Mari Lara

    Please bring olive salad back to CT!

  22. scott

    There’s nothing quite like this stuff… WHY is not readily found?

  23. Cathy Ciganek

    So disappointed. Went back to restock on my muffuletta which I am addicted to- I put it on everything and Costco no longer has it. So depressed. Amazon sells it for 3x the price. Please please bring it back. So good.

  24. Rosanne Edenhart-Pepe

    I have purchased this for several years at my Bucks county Costco. We LOVE. and now it’s gone. Please please bring it back!

  25. Mark

    This muffuletta olive salad was absolutely delicious, went to Costco this week and it was not there, something that good should be a staple period.

  26. Pete

    What Muffuletta doin? I want it back!

  27. Patty

    Bought this lastbyear and this year in cherry hill nj. It is so good. When will you carry this again?

  28. George

    Please bring back muffaletta olive salad or offer it online at the same price.

  29. Ron Bratcher

    Great item. Sorely missed

  30. T.

    When is Costco bringing back the Olive Salad?

  31. M C Ashcraft

    Look at every Costco, every time I shop…Kalispell, Carlsbad, San Diego
    Where did the fabulous olive salad go?? Kept the empty jar—please restock‼️‼️‼️

  32. Richard Bartley

    Do you have olive salad at Waterbury Costco?

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